Tried Garnier’s new Mineral Invisible deodorant? Your wardrobe will love you for it

I don’t ask for a lot when it comes to deodorant. I just want something that’s going to keep me dry and fresh (the nice way of saying ‘stop me from sweating like a donkey and smelling like ass’) while not ruining my clothes. Regarding the latter, if whatever I’m using makes white marks on any of my stuff, it immediately gets tossed in the trash. I love my clothes and buy them carefully so taking care of them is important to me.

Anyway, Garnier have a new deo on the shelves, Mineral Invisible anti-marks/staining/fading which ticks all the above boxes but takes things two steps further; aside from not leaving white streaks on all your black, it also promises to not leave yellow marks on your white and fade any of your colours. Bang for your buck? Hells yeah.

Garnier Mineral Invisible deodorant, R16.
Garnier Mineral Invisible deodorant, R16.

I was given both the aerosol and roll-on to try and have been using the latter long enough to say that yes, it most definitely doesn’t leave a white residue on anything dark. It’s too early to tell in regards to yellowing or fading but I’m inclined to believe Garnier’s scientist dudes. As it is, the deodorant I was using before didn’t give me any drama in regards to those two issues so I don’t think it would be too hard for Garnier to get right.

God, I honestly don't know how to caption this shot without being a total bitch,
I honestly don’t know how to caption this totally awkies promo shot without being a total bitch.

Another plus point? It’s alcohol-free which is important for those with sensitive skin. But to be honest, nobody should be putting anything with alcohol in it – or in a high concentration – on their skin anyway as it damages your cells over time. Thus, if you’re using a toner, perhaps check it to see it doesn’t list alcohol high up in the ingredients. (I know the moment I spot that I immediately rule it out as far as being anything that’s going to go anywhere near my skin.)

In all, if you’ve worked hard to create a gorgeous wardrobe and want to keep it looking good, Garnier Mineral Invisible deo is a top pick and sitting on shelves right now as I type.

Love, love


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