Forever New launches their gorgeous new High Society collection (and my beloved gran says ‘hoezit!’ from the grave)

How gorgeous is Forever New’s new High Society collection?

To enlarge any piccie in this post simply click on it.
To enlarge any piccie in this post simply click on it.

I popped into the collection’s launch held at the V&A Waterfront store last week and could immediately feel my credit card begin to twitch in my wallet. It wasn’t allowed to come out and play, however, as I’ve recently experienced a super weird, unrelenting series of random, crazily expensive set backs that had culminated in my car’s clutch packing in to the tune of R7 600. I was actually bitching about this en route to my blogger bestie Karisa but shut up when I spotted a white feather on the floor of the parking lot. To me, that’s a sign that my dead gran, who I miss terribly, is hanging around and this is her way of telling me that everything’s going to be okay. This also comes to into play a little later, so bare with me, okay?

Anyway, once we got to the store, I immediately perked up as A) they had champagne and B) an amazing line up of gorgeous new party dresses that were shown off via a fashion show accompanied by a super talented electric violinist.

Those petit fours were delish.
FYI, those petit fours were delish.

Later on, in store, guests got to indulge in a decadent spread of sweet treats and shop the new collection with a 10% discount. It was there that I spotted this gorgeous studded clutch and my heart almost burst with ‘I want, I want, I want’-ness.

Love it!
Gorgeous, right?

It was so pretty. So perfect. But I was so ridiculously broke and delving into my unit trusts for a R400 clutch would be kinda stupid so put it down and focused on snapping pretty things for this blog post. Goodies like these guys:

All these rokkies range between X and X.
All these mooi rokkies range between R1 299 and R1 499.


Same for these guys.
Same goes for these guys.

Of all the mooi rokkies in store, this royal blue beaded detail dress (R2 499) really stood out for me:

My blogger besties Karisa and Clouds both reckon it's very Princess Di.
Karisa reckons it’s very Princess Di and would be perfect to wear to the uber elegant L’Ormarin’s Queen’s Plate which has a strict blue and white dress code.


How much do we love that bracelet?
How much do we love that bracelet?

After the launch, we all got handed a goodie bag which I suspected would contain a flash drive and key ring combo but lo and freakin’ behold I was given the gorgeous black and gold studded clutch. Can we queue Twlight Zone music, asseblief?

Driving home, Karisa and mine’s convo ran like this:

Me: ‘This is NOT an accident. This is a gift from my dead gran.’
Karisa: ‘Or maybe just a super happy coincidence?’
Me: ‘Are you crazy? This is a total “Cheer up li’l chicken, I love you lots and lots” all the way from the other side!
Karisa: ‘And you’re asking if I’m crazy?!’
Me: ‘OMG! Don’t you think it’s super eery that it’s a CLUTCH? She’s totally going “Sorry about that pooh car clutch of yours. But here, have this awesome sexy studded one instead!” Isn’t it obvious?!
Karisa: ‘Jesus! How much champagne did you drink?!’

So ja. That happened and it was awesome. And if you want to shop Forever New’s High Society collection, which is awesome too, get your ass into store ASAP. Also, should you spot a well-dressed yet ghostly-looking lady hanging out in the footwear department, please tell her to hang ten. I’m going to need a bit of heavenly protection when I return to shoplift that mooi Princess Di rokkie.

Love, love


8 thoughts on “Forever New launches their gorgeous new High Society collection (and my beloved gran says ‘hoezit!’ from the grave)

  1. Lol u sooo lucky girl, big ups to gran! Lolling to the last bit where you say “when I return to shoplift”heheheheh
    Btw uber gorgeous goodies i love forever new!

  2. I bought the dress! But in aqua (my favourite colour) ❀ It's so amazing, the beading and work is intricate and the fit is fabulous πŸ™‚

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