So Cindy Nell spoiled me rotten at a pamper party at Langaro Life Style Centre’s spa in Camps Bay

If you didn’t know, Cindy Nell isn’t just the face of beauty brands like Caribbean Tan and skinscience; she’s also the distributor and imports Essence and Catrice cosmetics into South Africa. Girl’s one seriously business savvy chica and anyone who considers her ‘just a pretty face’ doesn’t quite know what they’re talking about.

The other day, I was invited, along with a bunch of other ‘beauties’, to Cindy’s ‘Pamper Party’ at the luxe-looking yet surprisingly affordable Langaro Lifestyle Centre spa in Camps Bay. We got treated to manis and pedis, could get our hair and make-up done and, even better, pick out a bunch of items from each of Cindy’s brands; skinscience, Essence, Catrice and Caribbean Tan.

Pictured top left is Cindy along with stylist Duncan.
Pictured top left is Cindy along with stylist Duncan Pape.


Going clockwise: Myself in desp need of a Caribbean Tan with model and fitness blogger Brigitte Willers; personal stylist Marilize de Clercq and make-up artist Aliki Zanolin doing her thing.

Of all the goodies I walked off with, I’ve been most impressed by the following:

Catrice Mattifying Oil Control Paper (R36,96, Dis-Chem).
Catrice-Spring-Summer-2013-Oil-Control-PapersAs an oily-combo girl I’m obsessed with keeping my T-section matt as all hell (or I get mad as all hell). Usually, I run around with MAC’s Blot powder and a kabuki brush in my bag but it’s a bulky combo and, worse yet, I often get blind drunk and leave my compact rolling around the floor of some launch party. (God, I should really re-write that sentence but I’m too moeg to make myself sound like less of a slapper.) But ja. These blotting powders do a fab job of mattifying in a flash, don’t mess with your make-up, a fabulously inexpensive and can slip into the teensiest little compact.

Essence all about matt! fixing compact powder Essence-Spring-2013-Fixing-Compact-Powder1 This is no MAC Blot powder but it does a great job of blitzing any shine while instantly minimising the look of your pores. On months when I simply can’t afford to replace yet another MAC compact this baby is a life saver. If you’ve got a darker complexion though, just be aware that it could make you look ashy if you over do it. Pale faces like moi, however, will be in the clear.

Catrice Camouflage Cream concealer
untitledI picked this up on a whim and boy am I glad I did. It conceals even the darkest under eye circles and doesn’t settle into fine lines. It also does a bang up job of hiding the odd spot. In short, when it’s all used up, I’ll definitely buy another. It is honestly the best drug store concealer I’ve ever used.

Caribbean Tan tanning mousse self-tan in B (R89,95, Clicks and Dis-Chem and selected salons).
mousse-gradual-color-bThis glides on like a dream and the colour is nice and dark but still believable without a drop of ‘orange’. A very nice self-tanner and my pick of the litter Caribbean Tan-wise.

Essence Me & My Ice Cream eye shadow in Icylicious
I have no clue whether Essence’s Ice Cream collection is on shelves yet or already come and gone but I’ll find out and get back to you. I have to mention this regardless ‘cos it’s the cheapest baked eye shadow I know of and acts as a fab brow bone highlighter.

As for the other items in the collection, they’re so freaking pretty that they deserve showing off.

How much do you want EVERYTHING?
How much do you want EVERYTHING? (The Icylicious baked eye shadow is bottom left.

Anyway, after my product shopping spree, I got to enjoy a mani and then popped up to the top of the spa where stylist Duncan (pictured up top with Cindy) has set up shop. He’s got some beautiful things that he imports selectively to SA but the jewels in his fashion collection has to be the gorgeous sparkly clutches. Just don’t ask what it costs; you really don’t want to know.

Love you li'l flamingo clutch...
Love you li’l flamingo clutch…

Anyway, a big dankie to Cindy, Freebees PR and Lingaro Spa; this was a seriously spoilicious day out.

Love, love


6 thoughts on “So Cindy Nell spoiled me rotten at a pamper party at Langaro Life Style Centre’s spa in Camps Bay

  1. I did not know she (Nell) had connections to Essence? Being on a tighter budget, I just bought two of their eyeshadow brushes like 30 minutes ago and marveled at their display. It’s got budget dupes for EVERYTHING trendy. Go Cindy! (Now I wanna go back and grab that compact powder… I feel like you can go spelunking in my pores today.)

    1. Ja, Essence and Catrice are deffo the best budget cosmetic brands in SA right now. I wish to God they’d existed back when I was a teen relying on pocket money. I’d have gone crazy.

  2. Leke gespoil terwyl os consultant os vrek wek vi nix. Kry ni ees mee commission vi essence ni. Vani min dinge wt n mens yt sien na as d pay dag kom.

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