Rubybox’s Beauty Night Out is totally worth the ticket

At the end of last month, I pulled into the Mount Nelson to pop my head into rubybox’s Beauty Night Out. As I was en route to a restaurant review, I wasn’t able to stay, but boy did I wish I could’ve. The place was absolutely pumping, (free!) cocktails were flying out the bar and dapper-looking waiters swept the room with a nice assortment of canapes.

Scar hair and Stila had set up pop-up shops where you could get your hair and make-up done for free and WOW Spa was there too, offering free mini hand scrubs, massages and manis.

Fun, fun, fun

You could also buy rubybox’s beauty goodies at super low prices ; score a very generous beauty freebie from various brands that had set up stalls within the room and – the piece d’ resistance – create your own goodie bag by selecting five or so samples at the door.

Apologies for some of these piccies being blurry; my camera was giving me dramz that day.

As I was pretty much doing a cameo, I only managed to nab a travel-size Stila lipgloss that came with a 15% off voucher to use on the purchase of two Stila products from rubybox.

Wanna score with my Stila discount?
Wanna score with my Stila discount?

I haven’t used my voucher yet and am not likely to do so as I’ve currently got more make-up than Edgars Red Square so if any of you want to get your sneak on and abuse my voucher code (STILAXA9NPPLEKYUG) by all means go for it. It’s first come first serve, so you better move it.

But ja. If you were ever in any doubt as to whether a rubybox party was worth the ticket price (R290), believe me when I tell you you’re definitely going to be entertained and walk out with a ton of freebies, possibly a new ‘do and a belly full of free food and drink. It’s the kind of fun evening out you could treat your mom or sister to and leave going ‘Oh, that was super fun’.

So, did any of you guys attend the event? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section. In all, I was pretty impressed.

Love, love


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