So I’ve whipped up two more beauty blog posts for

If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’ve been writing beauty blog posts for YOU magazine online.

My last two posts are over here and here and cover a few of the new hair care ranges I’ve been sent in the last while (Dove Colour Radiance, Pureology Reviving Red and Kerastase’s new styling line) as well as Nip + Fab, a new skin care line at Clicks.

Otherwise, happy Friday almal,

Love, love


2 thoughts on “So I’ve whipped up two more beauty blog posts for

  1. Hi

    So I have this cool blog post idea… It’s for the guys. Yes! I’m a guy and I read your blog- dont tell anyone.

    I’m crazy about bath, shower, shaving products and always wondered if other guys are too.

    So I thought, I wish someone could write a post on what guys buy to clean and pamper themselves.

    Lets say you take a sample of 5 guys, visit their bathrooms and list the products they use for shower, bath, shaving and fragrance. Then do a comparison/what’s popular/how much they spend. Etc.

    Women would be interested as its perfect gift ideas of what to get your man, especially if you’re on a budget.

    Also, guys like me get to see what other guys are using and may even be tempted to try it out

    Just a thought!



    1. Hi Junaid

      A post like you’ve suggested is a nice idea but would probably take a lot of time to do and appeal to a smaller portion of my readers so I’m probably not going to run it anytime soon. Still, I reckon a male grooming-focused blog or mag might be keen to create that kind of content if they haven’t done so already. Maybe pitch the idea to GQ or Men’s Health?

      Otherwise, thanks for reading. I know you’re not the only boy who visits my blog. (Hi Dad!)

      Leigh x

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