Fragrance review: New Karl Lagerfeld For Her EDP

Karl Lagerfeld is not new to creating fragrances. One of the first of his I can recall is Sun Moon Stars which launched back in ’94. Then there was Karleidoscope in 2004 after which he went quiet for a bit but now he’s back with two much-hyped eponymous new fragrances; Karl Lagerfeld for Her and for Him.

Ladies on the left and the male scent on the right. (But you probably figured that out yourself, hey?)

Myself and my friend Tracy had a good laugh at the launch as we reckon the model in the ad, Baptiste Giabiconi, is a dead ringer for her boyfriend Jeff.

You can see it, right?
You can see it, right?

Because I was terrified of Jeff’s photographer suing me for using an image without crediting him I first asked if I could slap it up and was told it’d be A-Okay provided I say ‘Jeff Tsoutsos, owner of Dranged Clothing‘ as opposed ‘Jeff Tsoutsos my hot guy friend who often pops up on my blog in various stages of undress’. So there you have it!

But ja, getting back to the scent… I really like the bottle. It’s big and luxuriously heavy in your hands yet styled in an understated, elegant way. Still, it’s studded ‘choker’ and the teensy graphic image of Karl almost hidden in the type face give it a mod li’l edge.

Pretty, pretty!
FYI, the male scent’s all about mandarin, lavender, green apple, violet, amber and sandalwood.

Notes-wise, the female scent is a light, fresh blend of lime, peach, magnolia, ‘metallic rose’ and frangipani on a bed of amber, wood and musk. Upon first spritz, all I got was magnolia and while it smelled pretty and clean, a big surprise considering Uncle Karl’s rather hard core-looking image. Still, it didn’t blow my hair back as it reminded me of the Woolworths’ magnolia bath and body range my mom used to be obsessed with back in the day. Once it started to dry down, however, I totally changed my mind. This was when the peach started to come through and I had an instant flashback to being in college and dousing myself with Crabtree & Evelyn’s Tom Kitten ‘children’s fragrance’. God, I used to love that scent! It smelled like soft, sugary sun-ripened peaches and did a way better job of bringing all the boys to my yard than Gucci Rush ever did, the primo ‘sexy scent’ of the day.  

Anyway, after a lovely jaunt past the peach trees, For Her settles into a soft musky-floral making it something that’s very easy to wear and could suit both very young and older women alike. Due to its gentle nature, however, I’d probably only really wear it in the daytime.

Keen to try the scents your self? You’ll find them in stores with pricing as follows: Ladies 25ml EDP for R495; 45ml EDP for R695 and 85ml EDP for R995. Mens’ 50ml EDT for R695 and 100ml EDT for R895.

Love, love


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