I watched a lip filling demo using Allergan’s new Juvederm Volbella. Check out the before and after pics

So there’s a new filler in town; Juvederm Volbella. For those of you completely out of the loop, fillers, for the most part, are gels containing hyaluronic acid that’s injected under the skin to fill up fine lines and restore volume.

While the word ‘hyaluronic acid’ sounds terrifying, it’s actually a naturally occurring mega-moisturising substance that’s sitting in your skin as we speak. It’s also used in just about every moisturiser on the shelf nowadays and I’ll bet you twenty bucks you’ve got one of them sitting in your bathroom.

Juvederm Volbella. Ask your doc to show you the box or he or she could be using anything sommer.

Anyway, what makes Volbella a little different to Allergan’s other fillers is that it uses patented crosslinking technology to produce a more natural look that lasts a lot longer. Other lip fillers last around six months but Volbella can live in your lips, or anywhere else you want to use it, for up to nine months or so.

Volbella also has a slightly lower concentration of water-binding hyaluronic acid so it holds onto less water and apparently this can reduce bruising and swelling. Another thing that’ll help minimise the risks of those two particular nasties is the fact that the gel itself is softer and less viscous so it’s easier to inject and can be done so using a teeny tiny needle.

I was invited to Cape Town Cosmetic Dermatology Centre to watch respected aesthetic doc, Dr. Alek Nikolic, perform a lip filling demo and the results were pretty awesome.

Up to we have the before shot and below are the afters. Impressive stuff.

I’ll be honest and say I squee’d every time I saw the needle going in but the woman having it done kept on being asked if it hurt and she assured everyone she could barely feel it. This is because Volbella’s got a bit of lidocaine in it which helps numb any would be pain.

I later chatted to another plastic surgeon about Volbella and he said it’s a nice compromise between the two types of Juvederm that were already on the market. One was ‘soft’ and didn’t last very long and the other one that did was a bit thick and sometimes didn’t look natural.

Anyway, if you’re currently having your lips done or have been thinking about, Juvederm Volbella looks like a good option.

Love, love


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