Fun, fun, fun at the Big Bottle Festival at The Cellars Hohenhort hotel

So I hit up the Big Bottle wine festival on Sunday and boy was it awesome. This was the first time I’d ever attended and now I’m hooked for life. Zillions of different wine farms pouring out tasting after tasting of their most exclusive vino in big celebratory bottles? Oh yes! My friends and I had so much fun we ended up being the last to leave.

Guests included actress Natalie Becker*, socialites Thandie Kupe and Busisiwe Nteyi, Ritza and Elrico from fashion blog Luxo and so many other faces but I accidently deleted a whole bunch of my shots. Insert scream over here.

That snap of Thandie and Busi was the last shot I took that day, in the parking lot after we crawled out of the VIP room when its bar closed down. Notice that they still have their wine glasses in their hands!

I also LOVED the venue, The Cellars Hohenhort Hotel in Constantia, which is beyond gorgeous. I loved being able to mill from room to room in the estate; hanging out on scenic balconies overlooking impossibly pretty gardens and sitting pretty in lush lounges while sipping on bubbles and tasting dishes served up by a selection of Cape Town’s top chefs. A total freakin’ dream.

    I totally stole this 'venue collage' from after accidentally deleting a bunch of my own.
I totally stole this ‘venue collage’ from You can read her post (with fab piccies) on the event over here.

To add to the luxe feel of the event, the new soon-to-be-launched Bentley and Lamboghini were parked out front and Karisa’s boyfriend, local actor Bjorn Steinbach, couldn’t stop himself from climbing into the latter. (Okay, okay, so perhaps us girls goaded him into it, screaming ‘Do that glasses thing from Risky Business!’ Do it! DO IT!)

Push to start. Oh yeah!
‘Push To Start’. Oh yeah!

And speaking of dreams, I have to introduce you to Bjorn’s uber hot friend, Francis.

Love you babe.
Love you, baby.

You might remember him as the pretty model actor boy I stalked hung out with at the Five For Change charity ball a while back. Francis is one of the hottest boys I know and it’s only a matter of time until he realises we’re meant to be together. Unfortunately, eTV’s Tanya Nefdt feels the same way and is probably downloading a creepy app that’ll morph his and hers faces together to see what their babies might look like as I type. Thus, after a little too much vino, she got a bit too close to my man and a full on fight broke out.

Taste my cushion o' death, biets!
Taste my throw cushion o’ death, biets!

Shame, poor Tanya. Girl’s never been able to keep it classy which is c’est tragique as Big Bottle is a seriously exclusive affair. While some might enjoy being herded around a kraal with screaming sticky-fingered babies and housewives in Uggs at other wine festivals (cough cough Wacky Wine cough), Big Bottle draws a smaller, more exclusive crowd and has a much more intimate feeling about it.

Wine-wise, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t taste too many different whites or reds; my friends and I kind of made a beeline for the champagne room and camped out in a lounge just outside of it. I kind of alternated between Graham Beck Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir; Pol Roger Reserve and Filia Brut Nature which where all utterly delish.

In regards to food, the seafood chowder served up by The Greenhouse, The Cellars’ own restaurant, was, in my opinion, the best dish of the day. Also, Francis totally agreed with me which is another sign that we’re totes meant to be BAGLFY. (If you’re not down with the kids that’s ‘Boyfriend And Girlfriend Like Forever Yo!’ And possibly the most uncatchy anagram ever. Totes going to blame the fact that I’m writing this with excessive amounts of champers still in my system. Apologies.)

The clam chowder is on the left.
Just looking at that chowder again is making my mouth water.

Anyway, after getting our fill of bubbles of food, we all ended up hanging out in the VIP room where I was delighted to discover a myriad of Wings Group goodies including my beloved Toffifee.


Clearly, Vivid Luxury knew I was coming. This was totally laid out for my benefit alone and I don’t have to feel any guilt in eating pretty almost every Toffifee on the plate and later smuggled out whatever was left to feed to Francis who’s just as Toffifee crazy but too lazy to get up walk in between rooms. But hey, at least I had him literally eating out of my hands.

Sorry Tanya, it's been real.
Sorry Tanya, it’s been real. See you to my Hen’s Tea…

Anyway, the next Big Bottle festival only takes place next year but if you had any doubt as to whether you want to be there or not, trust me, it’s a serious goodie.

Thank you Vivid Luxury PR, you guys threw one helluva bash.

Love, love


*Oh hey there Natalie! Biets better believe me when I say my cropping skills be illz x

8 thoughts on “Fun, fun, fun at the Big Bottle Festival at The Cellars Hohenhort hotel

  1. Hon, you can join my gym class if you’d like to spend more time with Francis 😉
    HAVE to make a plan soon bokkie, must have a pow-wow pre-StTropez.
    Loved this post, and love that venue too, and yes, Vivid sure do know how to throw one 🙂 x

  2. Your post is hilarious Leigh!!! This wine fest was really good, the food was the surprising aspect for me. Totally unexpected and totally amazing too.

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