Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Multi-Targeted BB Cream review

Still looking for the perfect BB Cream? Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Multi-Targeted BB Cream (R290) might just be your match. I’ve been playing with it for the past few days now and have been very impressed with it.

Arden's new BBs
Arden’s new BBs

Most of the BB’s I’ve tried in the past have been a bit too ‘rich’ for my combination skin and leave me looking like an oil slick in the forehead area. Others simply haven’t been able to offer enough coverage. Arden’s, however, is creamy enough to spread around without haven’t to use a moisturiser beneath it yet doesn’t exacerbate my oilies in the least, even when I apply it on top of my day cream. It also serves up the kind of coverage that sits just between tinted moisturiser and light foundation.

I also like that, when it comes to additional ‘beauty benefits’, they totally don’t skimp out on you. So many BB’s go ‘Oh hey girl! So we threw some vitamin E in there which is in pretty much every tinted moisturiser or face cream anyway, but it’s an antioxidant and can encourage collagen production so now, legally, we can add “free radical-fighting” and “fine wrinkle and line-busting” to our benefits list. Woop woop!’

From left to right; Shade 03, 02 and 01.
From left to right; Shade 03, 02 and 01.

Arden, however, have used a nice array of beneficial ingredients at decent enough concentrations. Think sunscreen, liquorice extract and a form of vitamin C to help lighten and brighten, skin plumping hyaluronic acid and collagen-encouraging anti-inflammatory adenosine.

Available in three shades, you’ll find Arden’s new BB sitting on their beauty counters as I type and it’s most definitely worth checking out.

Love, love


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  1. This looks good. I’m a fan of BB creams as very light, natural-looking foundations as opposed to skincare wonders. The Dior BB cream is my favourite so far in that regard. This looks promising through, I must try it out.

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