Going to Glamouraid 2013? Come on, man. We can get all glammed up and you can help me stalk hot celebs like Roeland Schoeman

Are you going to Glamouraid?

God bless my gorgeous friend Brigitte Willers, but she’s not the type of girl you introduce to your boyfriend until you know the dude only has eyes for you and you and alone. And to back that up I give you exhibit A.

Love/hate you biets!
Love/hate you biets!

And it gets worse. Aside from being super hot – like Blurred Lines video hot – she’s also got a heart of gold and for this I want to show you exhibit B.


Glamouraid is a little somethin’ somethin’ Brigitte started a while back to help do a little more good in the world. Essentially, it’s a big celeb-studded glam slam of an event that helps raise funds for children in need.

This year, the Glamouraid project involved roping in twelve celebs, peeps like Gary Player, Edith Venter, Loyiso Bala, Victor Mattfield, Michelle Botes and the guys from Watershed, to have their piccies snapped by photographic artist Veronica Coetzer to create a calendar for 2014.

Those same celebs then had their portraits painted by various well-known artists, big name likes Richard Scott, David Kuijers, Gavin Rain and Lionel Smit, to name a few, and these’ll be auctioned off at a glittering charity dinner on the 24th at The Table Bay Hotel. All the proceeds from the auction will be going to Make A Difference that supports underprivileged academically gifted children and The Chaeli Campaign that helps out disabled children.

All the celebs featured in the portraits will be in attendance; the MCs are Cindy Nell and Mark Bayley and Arno Carstens will be providing entertainment along with another surprise guest.

Aside from that, Uwe Koetter has created and donated a necklace that’ll also come under the hammer and handed over a diamond that’s going to be hidden in a glass in a champagne tower. These glasses will be sold, again to raise funds, and guests will have a chance at winning the hidden diamond. (But not really. We all know I’m going to pick out that particular glassie within ten minutes of arrival. I’m just that kind of lucky. I also won’t feel any skaam to stand there, hunched over with squinty eyes, for an awkwardly long amount of time to scrutinize each and every glass.)

Anyway, tickets to the event are still available and going for R1000 a pop. If you want to get dressed up and come hang out at a fun fancy pants super fun event with me and a bunch of cellebies, this one will be well worth your money.

To learn more about Glamouraid and get all the finer details about the event, clicky clicky over here.

Love, love


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