POND’S Perfect Colour Complex Naturals range review

If you’re a POND’S fan you’ll probably be familiar with their fairly new-ish Perfect Colour Complex range. Like their Flawless Radiance range, it aims to help even out your skin tone but includes the addition of anti-inflammatory antioxidant green tea extract which, POND’S reckon, can help inhibit the production of melanin which causes pigmentation.

I was given the ranges three products to play with; the Gentle Exfoliating Facial Foam, Toning Lotion and Day Cream.

POND'S Perfect Colour Complex Naturals range
POND’S Perfect Colour Complex Naturals range

While I didn’t use the toner (R24,99) as it contains a lot of alcohol, I did enjoy using the facial foam. It did a good job of removing any make-up and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry and tight after use. I didn’t think it did a good job of exfoliating, however, but that’s okay as I use a separate scrub every few day or so as opposed to a daily exfoliator. At just R33,99 for 100mls it’s an awesome bargain face wash that I’d be happy to purchase myself.

The day cream (R31,99 for 50ml) had a nice, light texture that gave my combination skin just the right amount of hydration. Anyone with a drier skin type would probably be better off using one of POND’S creams as opposed to this lotion but, like I said, being a combo-girl, it suited me just fine. The only downer here is that the Green Tea is listed right at the bottom along with the preservatives so I don’t know if you’re really going to benefit from it. On the bright side, the lotion does have niacinamide (a form of vitamin B) sitting up right at the top which is a good, proven skin tone-evening ingredient. If anything, this is what’s doing all the heavy lifting in this particular product.

Anyway, while I haven’t used it long enough to notice if it made a difference to my pigmentation, the theory’s sound enough to trust it should have some effect. I’d just team it with a good anti-wrinkle serum, preferably something that contained retinol, and a high SPF.

Love, love


6 thoughts on “POND’S Perfect Colour Complex Naturals range review

  1. I just started using Ponds Natural. It’s 2 weeks now and I don’t see any difference. Is it still too early to see difference or is it not working? I have dark spots and acne.

    1. Dear 4 better results i’d advice u to use Bioderma Products , they’re available @ dischem . Bioderma is a fragrance free , suitable 4 sensitive skin esp 4 Acne .

  2. hello Charmaine and how much is Bioderma, i Have huge problems with my skin, i recently started using the ponds natural but everytime i feel like my face is overheating, i have dark spots and what looks like acne as well

  3. I want pond’s cream that has SPF but at the same time makes you matte not oily or shiny during the day…. that would be super fly!

  4. The ponds naturals is not sold anymore cause I cnt find it anywhere I want to know why cause it was great on my skin

  5. I dont think pond perfect colour complex Help okey if it Help how many days must i wait to see the difference on my Face course i have oily skin and have pimples

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