Olmeca Tequila Altos party in Cape Town was a total jol

Okay, let’s be fair; it’s hard to throw a party awash with litres and litres of tequila and not have it be a blast but the Olmeca folk really did go the extra mile in launching their new Altos variants inni Kaap.

For one, they had a giant tower of tequila. (Yes please!) They also invited their guests to partake in a super interesting tequila tasting and go on a ‘craft crawl’ in which you visited a selection of exhibitors who’d each created a little somethin’ somethin’ especially for the brand.

Tequila tower!
Tequila tower!


Guests included GQ's grooming ed Piet Smedy; Liezel van der Westhuizen and Mark Fine; fashion blogger Carlinn from Superficialgirls and Nick @The Alchemist BLAH.
Guests included GQ’s grooming ed Piet Smedy; Liezel van der Westhuizen and Mark Fine; fashion blogger Carlinn (Superficialgirls) and top mixologist Nick ‘The Alchemist‘ Koumbarakis doing a mighty fine Captain Nemo impression.

In regards to the tasting, I’ll be honest and say I shamefully knew almost nothing about how tequila was made before taking part. I mean, vodka comes from potatoes… whiskey’s made from a grain… but tequila? Doesn’t it have something to do with cacti? Or maybe donkeys?

Tequila sippin' with uber-foodie Dax and Good Hope fm's Tammy B.
Tequila sippin’ with uber-foodie Dax and Good Hope fm’s Tammy B.

As it turns out, however, tequila comes from the agave plant which is kind of like a lily that grows on a succulent plant that, technically, isn’t a cactus but looks damn near like it. And making tequila is a total las involving pressing the agave with a giant stone roller that could easily come straight of Bedrock. Thus, next time I’m presented with a shot, I might well sniff and sip it before knocking it back.

Our tequila taste master, Steffin Oghene (a super cute Scottish dude with a zexy accent like Ewan McGregor), got us to sniff and sip a number of tequilas in comparison to other brands and my folks and I (yes, I hit up tequila parties with my parents… someone has to carry me home…) were all surprised by how some of the more prolific and ‘luxurious’ brands actually tasted like utter crap in comparison to the others. Jose Cuervo, for example, has a distinctly fishy smell if you’ve got a good nose.

Weirdly/luckily/happily, the van den Berg family genuinely concluded that, out of everything we’d tasted, new Olmeca Altos 100% Agave platas tequila was the definite winner.

As for the craft crawl, we only took in two presentations; one from Thingkings, a designer duo who get off on creating awesome Mouse Trap-style machines. For the evening, they’d made a machine that used Nintendo Wii-type tech to pick up on your body movements. If you used your bod to ‘spell’ out the phrase ‘I respect Mexico’ (point to eye, clasp hands in respect and then fling up your arms to perform a Mexican wave), it would trigger the machine to pour you a shot of Olmeca. Genius!


The next craft station was a little shop exhibiting Dark Horse goodies, a brand that specialises in leather goods. They’d created cute little ‘jackets’ for the tequila bottles but I was most impressed with their pretty purses.

See the bottle jacket? It’s up top and centre.

Anyway, after hoovering up a bowl of chilli con carne and knocking back a tequila cocktail or two, we had to run off to pop into another party, but were very glad we came. Especially since we all got to leave with a bottle of awesome Olmeca Altos!


A big thanks to CLE Communications for a well coordinated, fun night out,

Love, love


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