Essence gel tint lip stain review

If I don’t have colour on my lips, I look like a Twilight vampire. Or a zombie. Or perhaps a corpse. Whatevs. The bottom line is that they’re all dead and that is not a good look.

To prevent ever having to expose my natural lip colour (or lack of it), I am never without lip stain. I even wear it underneath my lipstick so that when my lippie inevitably slides off, I still have a little lip colour going on underneath. As a result of all this, I’ve tried pretty much every lip tint on the planet and still keep on returning to my hideous ‘Chinese shop/Dis-Chem mood lippie’. To me, it’s the perfect shade of fuchsia and once it’s on it sits vas.

Mood lipstick. Gross but awesome.
Mood lipstick; gross but awesome.

Anyway, of all the other lip tints I’ve tried both The Body Shop and Benefit’s are goodies. The downer though is that they’re not cheap. In fact, Benefit’s, which you now can’t even get in this country is blerrie expensive.

This is why I’m so impressed with Essence’s gel tint lipstain in a shade called Pink Exposed. It’s only R29,99, it creates the same colour stain as The Body Shop’s tint and smells and tastes like a pink lollipop. Nice one Essence!

Essence gel tint lip stain in Deep Red, Flashy Apricot, Hot Red and Pink Exposed.

The only negative is that the colour doesn’t last all that long so you need to reapply it a couple of times throughout the day. Still, for less than thirty freakin’ rand I’m only to happy to do it. I also love that it frees me of the shame of whipping a disgusting-looking mood lippie out my bag in public. Within seconds of buying it, the tube will crack and fade in your handbag.

Anyway, if you want a cheap lip stain to toss in every bag, Essence’s is fab and available in four shades. I’m not sure when it’ll be in stores but the moment I find out I’ll be sure to update this post.

Love, love


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