The best lip stain ever: Mood lipstick

I’ve never been into lipstick. It rubs off within minutes and the one’s that don’t tend to leave my lip feeling horrid and dry. That’s why I’m a lip stain girl. You’ll pretty much never spot me out and about with a little colour on my lips because without it, I look like a corpse that got dredged up out of a frozen lake.

In my quest for the ultimate tint I’ve tried about a zillion including Benefit’s Benetint, The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain and Revlon’s Just Bitten. While I like all of those, I always come crawling back to my absolute favourite – which doesn’t even have a name! It’s this random little gem that most stores list as ‘Mood Lipstick’.

Mood lipstick
Mood lipstick

It comes in an el cheapo plastic case and the stick itself is a terrifying Avatar-esque blue. Yet, the moment it touches your lips, the pH levels in your bod cause it to change to a fabulous shade of pink.

Some days (or depending on how many coats you slick on), it turns a seriously bright fucshia. But this isn’t a big deal – I just tone it down with a slick of nude lip gloss, something like MAC Plushglass in Ample Pink.

The best bit? A Mood lippie will set you back a mere R10,00! I get mine from Dis-chem, but you’ll also find it in just about every dodgy-looking Chinese store in town. (If they’re selling those tacky golden cats with the little paw that waves back and forth, you can bet they’ve got it!)

Next time you spot one, be brave and give it a bash.

Love, love


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