Tommy Hilfiger opens flagship store in the V&A in Cape Town

Last week saw the opening of Tommy Hilfiger’s new flagship store at the V&A Waterfront.

This season Tommy’s biggest look is called Nautical Prep.

Being a Little Black Book event, you can imagine it was a smorgasboard of who’s who, free-flowing cocktails and canapes that include the yummiest, most fluffiest mini cheesecake I’ve had in ages.

See the li’l doggie? He’s the Tommy Hilfiger mascot.

The brand’s been using basset hounds in their ads for a while now and you can spot one in this shot from their spring 2013 campaign.

Tommy Hilfiger Nautical Prep collection spring 2013

I really like that the things that are new in store overseas and the same items that we’ve got in our little shop in South Africa. No awkwies seasonal lag for us; the fashion we’re getting is fresh, fresh, fresh.

Peeps-wise, the place was heaving with fashion folk, media and celeb guests that included Liezel van der Westhuizen, Cindy Nel, Ryan Botha, Roxy Louw and Percy Montgomery and many of them had been dressed in head-to-toe Tommy for the event.

From left to right: Jen Su and friend, actress Vanessa Haywood and Top Billing’s Janez Vermeiren.

I also had the pleasure of meeting singer Warrick Ryan who’s the sweetest, loveliest guy.

This boy is such a honey you have no idea.

Warrick’s about to release a new album called ‘Through My Eyes’ and gave me a copy of it to listen to.

This is a sneak peek of the cover.

To get an idea of what he’s about you can listen to one of his tracks, ‘With Your Eyes’ over here.

Anyway, I know you really want to get a peek at the klere so let’s get stuck in shall we? This is just a small selection of the goodies I most liked. I.e. The shots that didn’t come out as blurry as all hell.

How much do we love that rose gold diamante watch (R2 650)? I also really liked that striped tee and blazer combo. As I’m crazy about stripes most of Tommy’s stuff could live happily in my wardrobe.

These guys caught my eye too:

The boat shoes are R1 199 and the beyond gorgeous colour block shift that Jen was wearing is R2 399. I didn’t get the price of the anchor print shirt.

While the first 80 or so guests walked off with a goody bag that included a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunnies, I was too late to snap them up. (Stomp, hiss, rage.) Still, pretty much everyone was given this ravishing Tommy Hilfiger cape that you could get monogrammed on the night.

For the record, I asked them to stitch ‘I Belong To Leigh Who’s Like Totes Amaze’ onto it but they were weird about.

Anyway, if you appreciate clean lines, classical styling, nautical-inspired anything and all American preppiness, Tommy Hilfiger should have a little something for you.

Love, love


P.S. I’ve since had people tell me I’m incorrect in assuming I own a Tommy cape and that I’m in fact rocking a beach towel. To this, I gotta say ‘Biets, please! Did you not read the post about me on online fashion store Indiemode’s blog? They’ve listed me as one of the top ten fashion blogs in Cape Town. If I say it’s a cape, it’s freakin’ cape. You people just don’t understand my artistic vision, okay?!

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