GLAMOUR magazine’s Oscar party: A super fun purple and gold affair

If you didn’t know, GLAMOUR magazine holds an annual Oscar’s party. It’s always a fun, celeb studded event that their readers can take part in too, provided they buy a ticket. This year, it included a three-course sit down dinner at le glam Table Bay hotel along with a one year’s subscription to GLAMOUR and a big, fat, goodie bag.

That syrupy pear and gorgonzola salad (above right) was one of the best I’ve had in years.

Oh! And they screen the highlights from the Oscars too.

Was it just me or did the Oscar’s feel especially ‘jazz handy’ this year?

Jeannie D was the evening’s MC, but one of the guests of honour, Hakeem Kae-Kazim, also gave a little welcome speech. Hakeem’s an English actor who’s featured in Hollywood flicks like Hotel Rwanda (love that movie!) and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (love that movie too!).

Actress Lee-Anne Summers (who starred with Hakeem in Big Fellas a few years back), Hakeem himself and Jeannie D.
Actress Lee-Anne Summers, Hakeem and Jeannie D. Apologies for this pic being so blurry and dark, my camera wasn’t really playing the game that eve.

Hakeem is currently in Cape Town filming a new American TV series, Black Sails, produced by Michael Bay, the dude who directed Transformers. Still, if you’re South African, Hakeem might be best known as the guy from the Fresca ads. Remember those? He wound down his speech and then wrapped it up by saying ‘and remember… NOTHING TASTES LIKE FRESCA!’ and the whole room pretty much exploded with awesome.

Anyway, the evening’s dress code was purple and gold which tied in nicely with the fact that YSL was one of the events major sponsors and their new fragrance, Manifesto, is packaged in purple and gold.

YSL's new frag is a leetle too sweet for my taste but there's no denying the bottle's absolutely beautiful.
YSL’s new frag is a leetle too sweet for my taste but there’s no denying the bottle’s absolutely beautiful.

Guests that looked glam in gold included actress Natalie Becker who I love, love, love along with Ritza and Elrico from fashion blog Luxo and socialite/Beyonce-esque sex bomb Thandie Kupe.

Natalie, Ritza and Elrico and Thandie.

I told Elrico I liked his hair slicked back like that ‘cos it made him look like a mafia contract killer and he nearly spontaneously combusted with pride. Oh! And you can’t really see it in the piccie but Thandie’s wearing a gold foil mani that looked totes amaze but refused to be photographed. I tried to snap it about six times but it was so bloody reflective all the shots came out blurry.

Pretty purple peeps included Elana Afrika (who’s new hubby, Kfm’s Ian Bredenkamp, is utterly divine and completely besotted with her), Jen Su and her gorgeous studded clutch, celeb journo/PR Clayton Morar and moi in an old favourite rokkie that kind of, sort of has a bit of purple in it.

Seriously, get a load of Jen’s clutch. So hot! She says its a BE&D from

Hotties-wise (yes, I think this is going to become a regular thing for event posts), the crowd included actor Bjorn Steinbach who’s dating my beloved bestie Karisa. He looked fabulously dapper in a white tux-like get up. Another mooi actor boy out and about was Ty Keogh and his gorgeous ex-Miss SA girlfriend Nicole Flint wearing Kluk CGDT. My darling super tall Cosmo Sexiest Man finalist Peet Mocke was there too.

To be fair, Peet was actually there working as a photographer that eve but he’s far too pretty to remain behind the lens.

Other glam guests included super hot TV reporter Tanya Nefdt and her totes amaze cleavage.

Looking zexy biets!

I also got to meet Jozi socialite and shoe designer Sonia Booth who I’d interviewed for an Ackerman’s magazine feature, but not face to face. She’s flawless in the flesh with perfect, glowy-looking skin. She and her hubby, soccer star Matthew Booth, were seated at my table .

Sonia told me that one of her beauty secrets is Estee Lauder’s illuminating primer. And OMG, how tall is her hubby Matthew?! He makes my friends and I look like midgets. Oh! And get a load of Clouds’ gorgeous multi-colour dress. It’s Errol Arendz, darlings.

Okay, so let’s not be coy, shall we? You’re DYING to know what was in the goodie bag so let me just spill it mos.

Included in the mix is a mini YSL Manifesto EDT, YSL mini lippie and mascara, a hair treatment voucher from Carlton, Davine’s hair product samples and a book called The Man Diet.

Towards the end of the evening, the boys at our table had a bit of a rummage through their bags and turfed out their YSL samples. This resulted in Natalie and I having a bit of a cat fight over the discarded mini lippies and mascaras. I also may or may not have threatened to end her life with series of fatal papercuts from the pages of The Man Diet. This was another item the boys weren’t interested in so us girls had fun forcing the extras on each other. Think ‘no, no, honey… you need this waaay more than I do…’ Shamefully, we were also the same group to decide our dessert looked like a giant, wobbly boob and proceeded to tweet as much.

Bad behaviour aside, this was a super fun event and I’m still craving more of that amazing pear and gorgonzola salad. Next year, if you get a chance to attend the GLAMOUR Oscars, best you snap it up fast like a discarded YSL sample. A big dankie to GLAMOUR mag and Zebra Square PR for having me as their guest.

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “GLAMOUR magazine’s Oscar party: A super fun purple and gold affair

  1. I have The Man Diet, got it free with a magazine a while back, musta been the Glamour? Anyways, it is such nonsense, lol, just used it for toilet reading at work when I had nothing else. I like Natalies look the best, lovely dress.

    How come Jeannie D didn’t wear gold and/or purple if she was the host, or is it coz she was the host?, it’s quite a nice dress though. She’d look great with a sack on, she’s soooooo pretty.

    Didn’t watch the oscars *boring* but from other comments I’ve read yep not just you and the jazzy hands, bit of a musical hey, more like the Tony’s. Sheesh how are those gift bags at the Oscars, so amazing, makes sense to give multi-millionaires all that stuff that they couldn’t buy for themselves heh.

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