Entertainer Cape Town; the discount voucher book you have to own if you love to eat out

Last week I popped into the launch of a fab new book called Entertainer South Africa. It was held at Harbour House in the V&A and was a celeb-studded affair kept afloat on a river of champers. My ‘date’ was an old highschool bestie of mine, Gia Harris, who’s now a fancy pants stylist and wardrobe planner for people with way too much money.

We made friends with Mr Entertainer, he's a sweetheart.
We made friends with Mr Entertainer, he’s a sweetheart.

Together, we ate way too many salmon roses (Harbour House’s sushi is delish!) and the most fabulous little prawn cocktails in shot glasses.

So good!
So good!

We also got to schmingle with a super fun crowd that included a host of celebrity faces:

collage entertainer

Anyway, all that aside, what I really want to tell about is the book, Entertainer Cape Town.

The Entertainer Cape Town
Entertainer Cape Town, R450.

If you like to eat out like I do and enjoy the odd spoilicious spa treatment, you have to get The Entertainer Cape Town. Like don’t even think about it; just swipe your card and order it. The amount of fun I’ve been having with it is ridiculous and, knowing what I know now and if I hadn’t been given it, I’d happily snap it up without blinking.

In a nutshell, the Entertainer is a thick, heavy book full of discount vouchers for loads of Cape Town restaurants, spas and ‘activities’* as well as a smattering of ‘bonus’ Jozi-based spots and a couple of hotels** around the world. The restaurant vouchers all work on a ‘buy one get one free’ basis so, if you take the voucher as well as your fancy gold Entertainer card that’s affixed to the front of the book, along with you to the restaurant, you can snap up two main meals for the price of one. In fact, you can even order a starter or salad as your main and either way, the cheaper dish is free.

Do you realise how much money can save? As it is, I’ve been running all over town this week, eating out with friends and getting off on gleefully ordering two mains, only paying for one and then splitting the bill. To give you an idea, if you and your friend both order two meals at around R100 per dish, your bill is only R100 collectively so you only have to cough up R50 each!

Initially, I was very sceptical. I kept waiting for a catch of sorts, like being told I could only use my vouchers on certain days or times but as it turns out you can use your Entertainer discount any time, any day provided it’s not a public holiday or certain days like Valentine’s Day when pretty much nobody in their right mind would want to eat out anyway.

The list of participating restaurants is huge and they range from inexpensive spots like Obz Cafe, Societi Bistro and Frieda’s on Bree to fancy pants places like The Grand and Five Flies. For every restaurant listed, the book offers three vouchers, so you can hit up each spot up to three times.

Just last week, I popped into Balduccis with a friend to devour their amazing butter chicken pasta which is usually around R95 for a mere R47,50.

Best pasta ever!
Best pasta ever!

This week, I might take advantage of the spa vouchers by popping into Fresh Wellness in Constantia to snap up a 90-minute foot massage ritual using the books’ buy one get one free voucher. The regular cost is R390 so this means I can take a friend and we each pay just R195 a pop. Alternatively, I can ‘save’ my second free foot massage and go back for it another time later on in the year. All the Entertainer Cape Town vouchers are valid until the end of December 2013.

To find out more about Entertainer Cape Town and order the book online for R450 visit their website over here. I can’t think of a nicer gift for anyone who likes to eat out.

Thanks Galia and the PR girls from Greater Than; as a value-lovin’ bargain-hunting girl who loves to live the highlife for less, the Entertainer’s got me totally hooked.

Love, love


*Entertainer’s activity vouchers are also ‘buy one, get one free’ focused and include rounds of golf, go karting sessions, wine tastings, sunset cruises, helicopter flights and entry to The Labia movie theatre.
**The hotel offers mostly work on a ‘get one extra night free when a night of equal or greater value is purchased and save up to 20% off’ basis.

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  1. Amazeballs! Thank you SOOOO much for letting me tag along Lili! Had a fabulous time! 🙂 And WOW I am SOOOOOO impressed with The Entertainer! Shooo! Blown away actually! Telling EVERYONE I know about it! xx

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