Fun, fun, fun at Tasha’s White Party in Johannesburg

The other night myself and fellow blogger besties Karisa and Clouds attended Tasha’s ‘White Party’. It was held at the restaurant chain’s Melrose Arch shop in Jozi to celebrate their 7th birthday and 10th store opening.

Tasha and PR Jill Groger who helped put the party together.
PR Jill Groger who helped put the party together and restauranteer Tasha Sideris.

For those of you who don’t know, Tasha’s is a restaurant franchise co-owned by Tasha Sideris and the Famous Brands group. It’s doing so well that they’ll be opening an 11th store in Dubai soon.

Anyway, Tasha’s big bash was held in a huge white marquee tent with several bars, a centre stage and mini lounge areas. Giant silver ice buckets of premium alcohol were dotted across the floor and tables groaned with mountains of delish-looking food.

Tres elegant.

Guests looked fabulously glam thanks to an all white dress code and the place was pretty much packed with celebs. Famous faces included Top Billing’s Jeannie D (who I adore), model/actress and modelling agency owner Shashi Naidoo and the lovely Lee-Anne Liebenberg (also a model/actress) who was there with her hubby Nicky van der Walt.

Shashi was wearing the most gorgeous baroque-style ring but my close up came out blurry. It seems I spent a fair portion of the evening with macaroon frosting on my lens.

Celeb PR/man about town Thulani Hadeba was also there along with Zuraida Jardine who wore a House of Harlow headband (yep, that’s Nicole Richie’s fashion line). I also ran into super swimmer Natalie du Toit and Vuzu’s lovely Lala.

Lala’s make-up looked ferosh; she had the Kim Kardashian look down and told me her lippie was MAC’s Chatterbox.

Local designer Gert-Johan Coetzee was also out about about along with celeb publicist Melinda Shaw and Isidingo’s Jay Anstey.

Love Jay’s Grecian-inspired dress? It’s Gert-Johan Coetzee, darling.

Entertainment-wise, the crowd got treated to a soulful live performance by a barefoot Louise Carver…

'Eagle flies... into the window...'
‘Eagle flies… into the window…’

… followed by LeAnne Dlamini:

Girl’s got the most amazing voice and when she belted our Rihanna’s Shine Bright (like a diamond) the crowd pretty much went wild.

Seriously though; it’s been a long time since I’ve been to such an extravagant affair. Champagne flowed like a river and the canapes just kept on coming and coming. Every time I thought the food had wrapped for the night I’d spot another slew of waiters tempting the crowd with treats like mini prego rolls, burgers and french fries served in branded cups. We even had a (super cute) oyster boy!

Dankie, dankie!
Dankie, dankie!

Of all the savoury treats I devoured I was most taken by this spoonful of endamame with the softest, dreamiest goast’s cheese.

So unassuming but so ridiculously delish!
So unassuming but so ridiculously delish!

I only managed to nab one of them and then spent a good part of the night stalking waiters in a desperate forage for more. As for the dessert – my God – I could write a whole separate blog post about that. Think super moist, red velvet cake smothered in cream cheese frosting, delicately powdered Turkish delight and pistachio roll ups, teeny boxes of handmade nougat, a mountain of macaroons and more. Tasha’s even has their own frozen yoghurt machine!

Frozen yoghurt is my happy place.
Frozen yoghurt is my happy place.

Fabulously, a sugar binge was just one of the evening’s highlight. Earlier, Clouds and Karisa had run into Oscar ‘Bladerunner’ Pistorious, who, in our book, is pretty much the hottest man in the universe. (This all happened without me as I was sitting with my mouth over the tap of the fro-yo machine at the time.)

You have no idea how much jealously my friends’ Oscar encounter induced. But then it got worse! The next thing you know, they were clutching at their breasts, gasping for air and shrieking like banshees. As it turned out, he’d just sent them each a direct message via twitter. Did you get that ladies? Oscar freakin’ Pretorius sent my friends a DIRECT MESSAGE. Hiss, stomp, rage, vent!


You should have heard the screaming. ‘See that exclamation mark?! It’s a sign! It means HE LOVES ME!’ ‘What?! Are you CRAZY?! I got a smiley face! Do you know what that means?! He’s basically just asked me to MARRY him!!!’


Anyway, after a li’l stage dancing and one more bottle of champers for the road (I don’t even want to think of what the budget for this party must’ve been. I spent most of the evening feeling like I was back in St. Tropez or at some billionaire sheiks wedding in Dubai) we jumped into a cab and headed off back to our hotel. We’d been put up at 54 on Bath which was so utterly spoilicious it deserves a post of its own that’ll be up later on in the week.

Again, a big thank you to Tasha for flying us up as well as Jill and Zebra Square PR for helping to put everything together. This was one of the most lavish, entertaining events I’ve been to in a while. Jozi peeps seriously know how to party!

Oh so glad we came...
Oh so glad we came…

Love, love


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18 thoughts on “Fun, fun, fun at Tasha’s White Party in Johannesburg

  1. The first two ladies should have put in more effort with their outfits considering the one organised it and the other owns the place, anyways, sounds like a great party, Jeannie D and Lee-ann always look so amazing it’s crazy. Lalla is sooooo pretty and gorgeous, that pic doesn’t capture her properly, but we all know how pretty she is so it’s okay πŸ™‚

    Zuraida looks like a doos with that headband, did she not see the shape it makes.

    Your friends are wack, I wouldn’t scream over that message from Oscar LOL, not going to scream about an athlete texting me number one, and number two especially not him as he sounded like a really stupid, shitty guy in the news24 and 2oceansvibe articles regarding him and the Clifton Shores loser (can’t remember his name) having a fight over a chick, lol, so dumb.

    I know my tone may seem bitchy today, my comments weren’t meant that way. Just my thoughts.

  2. Sjoe Chantal! Did you not have your happy pills today? May I recommend a morning coffee and some macarons? Life is beautiful darling (or do you not live in CT, shame?)

  3. lol nooo, see I knew someone would take it the wrong way, can’t we say what we really think? I added a disclaimer at the end that it may come across as bitchy but it wasn’t the intention. why are people so scared to say what they really think or suck up to everyone but secretly think other things, and I didn’t say anything mean about the people themselves so no one could take offense, if they did they need to toughen up or hide under a rock.

    Oh and I was so flattering of the lovely ladies…geez people only focus on the negative πŸ˜‰

    Nina no I don’t live in Cape Town, oh shame poor me *cry cry* lol I holiday in Europe every summer and I don’t have the wind blowing me over or cold winters, damn my life sucks. Nina you probably like Twilight movies hey…. *hugs*

  4. Ha ha Twilight! Wasn’t offended, but can’t we disagree with you either? Aah, the European summers make sense.. Have fun there!

  5. No I think it’s a tragedy, I feel so bad for the girl who was killed, and her family. (see I put a sad face, that was a genuine sad face) I think you people misinterpret the way I mean things, the tone behind the writing is often misread, that’s what happens on the internet when you’re not talking to the person. But who knows….he says he thought it was a burglar, will have to wait and hear the official findings….he seems to have a temper, that could be his back-up story. Have a nice day girls.

    1. I’m sorry, but your timing and tone is incredibly tasteless. End of story. Being “ballzy” on the internet is easy hey? Cause you don’t actually have to face off to anyone in person…

  6. lol “ballzy” I’m just being myself, wtf on the internet or in real life, I’ll say what I think, you are just being too sensitive and petty, have you seen people’s facebook jokes regarding it, that’s tasteless, not what I said, grow up. I wonder how you handle actual crises of your own etc or any criticism or stress if you’re so worked up or offended over nothing. I dont see how “facing off to anyone in person” is relevant to anything I said, I was not out of line with any of my comments, you are just being really really silly, and my dear I wouldn’t cower to speak to anyone, lol that was a weird remark. I give up talking to “typical” females, no logic and can’t read things properly, and over-react lol. Now, have a nice day πŸ™‚ sincerely meant. Hope you get some valentines surprises.

      1. Ja, I also thought it was weird that you saw the story about the shooting online and then decided to come back to a blog post where you’d previously said mean stuff about him and chime in on the topic. I know you put a sad face next to it, but it wasn’t enough to get away from the fact that you had to toss in a one liner. I.e. ‘Fun, fun, fun at Tasha’s White Party… until Oscar killed his girlfriend’. I mean, come on. If you genuinely did mean it with regte sadness, it came off badly. Perhaps your idea of ‘being real’ is really just kak social skills. I mean, I don’t have all the troubles you seem to have in talking to ‘typical’ girls, so perhaps the problem’s actually you? Just a thought.

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