WARNING: Hot, semi naked boys ahead… What went down at the Grey Goose Vodka boy auction at Cafe Caprice

So it’s Monday. Bleh.

If you’re sitting at your desk I’m sure there’s somewhere else you’d rather be. (Personally, I’m always torn between Kata Noi beach in Phuket or the fragrance section in Sephora…) But ja, you’re probably desk bound which is totally sucky but hey! I’m here to help brighten things up with semi-naked hotties, namely Expresso presenter Graeme Richards…

…surfer/model Dene Botha…Dene Botha…accounting student and sports model Sean Sanders…Sean Sanders…Heat Man Watch winner and USN dude Christo du Plessis…Christo du Plessis …and The Wild’s Tyrone Keough
Tyrone KeoughAside from having killer abs, the boys also have hearts of gold as they volunteered to be auctioned off to a swarm of tipsy chicas at the Grey Goose vodka boy auction. This all went down at Cafe Caprice last week Sunday where myself, Clouds and Karis Piss got spoiled rotten with one of the best seats in the house and big ass bottle of Grey Goose vodka.

It’s imported from France (ooh la la!) and, when mixed with cranberry juice, tastes utterly delish.

I also got to indulge in a couple of the best mini burgers I’ve had in ages:

Come to Auntie Leigh…

Seriously girls. If you want a very good burger, Cafe Caprice can’t be beat and I hear they’re doing a ‘buy one get one free’ special that runs on Monday to Thursday until the end of winter.

But ja, getting back to the boys… Ty brought in the most money, getting sold off for R3500. Collectively, the cash the boys raised was given to Sisters Incorporated, a charity for abused women and children in Cape Town. (Nice one guys… very nice…) As for the lucky girls who snapped them up, they get to enjoy a spoilicious sponsored group dates with the boys.

Anyway, thanks a mil to Cafe Caprice, you were a fabulous host as was Natalie Becker who rocked the shizz out of this little black dress.

Natalie and the boys.

Myself, Karis Piss and Clouds; sitting pretty with our auction paddles.

Love, love


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