Crabtree & Evelyn have gorgeous new travel size and solid fragrance minis

If you’re a Crabtree & Evelyn fan like me and like to shop online, you’ll be glad to know their big winter online sale starts later this month on the 13th. They’ve also got some lovely new goodies in store, namely the new mega-moisturising Avocado, Olive & Basil collection…

Oh hello there li’l hand therapy… I’ll be coming for you the moment my ten million other hand therapies (that I buy compulsively) run out…

…and a selection of mini solid perfume compacts from their popular single-note Florals collection:

Cute, right?! These babies are R175 a pop and available in Iris, Lavender, Lily and Rosewater (pictured).

Also new in store? Refillable fragrance gift sets (R500) also available in the single-note Floral scents mentioned up above:

Crabtree & Evelyn refillable fragrance set; 3 x 8ml EDTs that fit into a silver travel spritzer.

Because I’m a spoiled brat, I was given the Lavender set (pictured) which I absolutely adore. (Thanks Louise, you rock!) Those who know me well know I’m a big fan of elegant, beautifully-composed lavender fragrances. (And the key words here are elegant and beautifully-composed!) To me, a quality lavender scent smells fresh and clean… soothing yet uplifting… It whisks me off to spotless country kitchens, rolling Tuscan fields drenched in sunshine and that gorgeous (surprisingly well priced) Lavender Farm guest house in Franschoek, the one we stayed at during the Bastille Festival:

Beautiful, right?

Unfortunately, the world is awash with crappy lavender products like that this that give lavender a bit of a bad rap:

Happy Birthday gran! Wait, why are you crying…?

So ja, please just say no to cheap nasty synthetic lavender products and go sniff a good lavender scent before you make up your mind. Crabtree’s Lavender EDT, for instance, is blended with genuine European lavender oil as well as notes of violet leaf, jasmine, tonka bean (which is kind of like vanilla), soft musk and a touch of lemon. Heaven!

If you’re looking for a gift for a Crabtree & Evelyn freak and know which of the Florals they’re into, a new refillable fragrance gift set or solid perfume compact is going to make their day.

Love, love


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