NSI’s InTouch nail enamel and POLISH Pro’s new spring collections hits Dream Nails salons

If you’re a regular reader you’ll remember my NSI POLISH Pro review; it’s essentially much the same thing as a Shellac or Gelish mani only less expensive. (For those completely out of the loop, all of these manis are light cured so the moment that LED light turns off, your mani’s BONE dry. It’ll then wear as hard as iron and look super shiny for up to 14 days after which you’re then to remove it with a soak off.)

Anyway, NSI’s Spring Collections are now in Dream Nails nail and beauty salons nationwide. There are two to choose from; Always a Bridesmaid which is all about pretty ‘Easter egg’ colours…

From left to right: Shower at the Four Seasons, Save the Date, Dyed to Match, Green with Envy and Bridezilla. The bottle depicts the sixth shade; I’ll Pink to That.

…and Ski Bunny, a half-dozen soft French mani-style hues and shimmery opalescent shades:

From left to right: Dare to Ski Diamond, Apres Ski, Fresh Powder, Snow Angel, Chalet in Chamonix and Kiss on the Lift.

Now what’s nice about POLISH Pro is that every shade is duplicated in the inTouch nail enamel collection so you either buy the regular polish sommer so or snap it up along with your POLISH Pro mani and use it to fill in the ‘gap’ as your mani starts to grow out. The best bit? Each inTouch nail colour is cheap cheap; R32 for 5mls and R54 for 10mls!

Seen a shade you like? You’ll find them all at your nearest Dream Nails nail salon nationwide.

Love, love


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