Celebrity Slim diet update

Okay, so I’ve finished my week-long Celebrity Slim diet. Sjoe!

First off, I have a little confession to make in that there were two days where I totally cheated. Living on shakes (even for just two meals a day) is a little difficult as I spend a lot of time at events where they pour champers down your neck and tempt you with trays of fancy little canapes or, worse yet, basket after basket of Lindt! (Nooooo!) And yes, I know I could’ve easily popped a sachet in my hand bag and snuck into the bathroom to fill up my shaker with a bietjie water, but please, let’s be real, okay? Still, on both ‘cheat day’ I ensured I ate around the same amount of kilojoules as the diet expects and did a solid hour of cardio. In fact, I did a good hour of cardio for a very decent 5 out of the 7 days I was on the diet.

So, did I lose weight? Yes, definitely. I’ve given up on weighing myself as my weight can fluctuate by a good 2kgs depending on the time of day and what I’ve eaten, so I ‘measure’ using the waistband of my pants. When I started the diet, I literally couldn’t get into the  teensy little jeans I was running around in before my trip to France. Now I can slide back into them with semi-ease (thank God!), but won’t be wearing them out the house until I can do so without a mini muffin top. Oh! And my watch strap is definitely sitting a little looser on my wrist. So ja… progress! Woo hoo! I reckon one more week of watching what I stick in my mouth and klapping the cardio and that week-long pain au chocolat binge fest will be but a distant memory… 

In regards to what I liked about the diet: it’s super easy and all the shakes taste great. My favourite flavour was vanilla (surprisingly) and Cafe Latte which is great for brekkie. Getting to chew on three snacks and one proper meal ensured I didn’t get utterly bored of downing nothing but liquid. I also loved that they included hot soups in the mix. Both were divine and I liked that they took longer to consume than the shakes so they gave your body time to register things like ‘I am eating’ and ‘I’m starting to feel full…’

The cons? Just the price I guess. At just under R20 per meal, it can get expensive if you’re on a tight budget. Still, R280 a week (excluding snacks and suppers) isn’t bad at all if you’re using it to kickstart a weightloss plan.   

In all, Celebrity Slim totally works and involves a lot less suffering than Atkins which is my standard drop-3kgs-in-ten-days mission. If you’re looking to lose, by all means, give it a bash.

Love, love


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