Caribbean Tan bronzing moisturiser SPF 20 review (and general face-darkening blabber…)

Ah Caribbean Tan… as a dedicated self-tan slet, I’ve used a zillion million different types and this is one of the brands I’m always happy to pop into my trolley. I used to use their aerosol spray, but have since moved on to using the normal spritzer ‘cos I find you get more out of it. I also like that their colour is a nice, natural-looking bronze without a drop of dreaded geel.

Anyhoo… in regards to adding a dash o’ colour to my corpse-like gesig, I rely on Clarins Liquid Bronze. That stuff is the shizz. I love how you can put it on in place of your moisturiser in the morning and within three hours you’ll look healthy and radiant. It also doesn’t give off that typical miff self-tan smell as it develops and isn’t greasy in the least. Still, there are days when I want instant gratification. I don’t want to wait around for my tan or fell into bed too drunk exhausted to have thought about slapping it on the night before. In this instance, I’d turn to Clinique True Bronze, the raddest bronzing liquid on the face of planet earth. The only dramz? They bloody discontinued it years ago. I now troll the internet late at night to score the last few tubes on planet earth and usually find them on eBay or in a Makeupalley swaplist… But ja… as this little gem is fast disappearing and the tube I currently own is down to almost nothing, I’ve been looking around for alternative instant bronzers. Thus, I was thrilled when Caribbean Tan’s bronzing moisturiser (with an SPF of 20 nogal) came my way.

Caribbean Tan bronzing moisturiser SPF 20, R69,95.

So… what makes it awesome? For one, it actually gives good colour. It’s not like one of those wimpy tinted moisturisers that adds a teensy drop of warmth to your face… this boy adds a regte tan. It also smells nice – like some kind of fruit I can’t put my finger on – and doesn’t turn my oil-prone skin into a horrible slick. (For those of you who dont’ know, many moisturisers that contain SPF’s can be a tad on the oily side. That’s why a lot of products geared towards greasy skin skip out on it altogether…) Still, if you’ve got very dry skin, you might need to use your regular moisturiser underneath it.

I like to apply my RoC Retinol Correxion deep wrinkle serum (a retinol-riddled gem) and then wait a minute for it to sink in. Then, I squeeze a pump or two of the bronzing moisturiser onto my fingers and dab it onto my forehead, nose, cheeks and then. I then use a make-up sponge to blend it into my face. Easy peasy.

Just one thing – please bear in mind that this is a tinted moisturiser. As in it moisturisers and gives you a nice tint. If you’re wanting coverage, you’re going to be better off with a foundation. This is why, after I’ve used it, I still reach for my concealer to hide under eye circles and the odd whopper of a spot.

Anyway, if you’re in the market and spot it on the shelves (at Clicks), toss it in your trolley. It’s a goodie.

X x x

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