New Fresh Delights range at Woolworths

Woolies have a nice new bath and body range in store called Fresh Delights.

Woolies' Fresh Delights; pretty, delish-smelling and wallet-friendly. The retrench-o-girl trifecta of awesomeness.

I got to play around with them the other day at Woolies’ pre-Christmas showcase and was impressed with their quality and fabulous price points.  (To give you an idea, their foam bath and body butters are only R27,50!) The range consists of four different scents, Avocado & Sesame Oil, Sweet Pea & Jasmine, Coconut & Lime and Fresh Water & Lotus.

Having sniffed them all, I can tell you that Coconut & Lime is my absolute favourite. It reminds me of a zesty coconut ice and isn’t sickly sweet as many other coconut infused scents, particularly those that stray into colada territory, tend to be. Reckon the shower gel, R22,50, will be just the thing to help cool me off after a long day at the beach or help pick me up from the dregs of hangoverville in the morning. Next winter, however, sees the launch of an additional variant – Caramel & Cream – and I like the sound of that already…

Love, love



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