Moroccanoil Light; Hydrating Mask and Hydrating Styling Cream review

Right, let’s talk Moroccanoil…

Moroccanoil is one of several new-ish hair care brands that are making good use of Argan oil. Argan oil is something that’s getting a lot of attention right now, but it’s actually been around for years. It comes from the kernels of the Argan tree (they grow naturally in Morocco) and makes for a great hydrator as well as a good source of antioxidant vitamins A, C and E.
A little while back I tried Moroccanoil treatment, R380, and put my review up over here. In a nut shell, I was rather impressed. It made my fine tangle-prone hair a lot easier to brush and, provided I didn’t get it near my roots, didn’t weigh it down. I also liked how I was left with super-soft feeling locks and a lot of shine. Thing is, as Moroccanoil’s treatment’s primary ingredient is silicone, it was hard to tell whether my new lustre was from that or the Argan oil, but either way I liked it…

But ja… while we’re talking about silicones… Some hairdressers have issues with products that contain silicone. They feel it can build up in your hair and eventually ‘coat’ it, preventing other more hydrating ingredients from getting into the shaft. While this is true, it’s nothing a good clarifying shampoo can’t fix. If you use a lot of silicone-based products, simply give your hair a good ‘detox’ once a week and you should be just fine. In the long run, silicones can really help a girl out and do a lot more good by helping to prevent things like ‘breakage’ from trying to brush a tangly, knotty mane. On top of this, silicones can also help protect your hair from heat damage.   

Anyway, I got some new Moroccanoil goodies to play with. (Thanks Bush Telegraph!) Included in the mix was Moroccanoil’s new ‘LIGHT’ treatment aimed at fine or pale-coloured hair just like mine.

Moroccanoil LIGHT treatment, R380

It’s got the same silky texture and vaguely ‘musk mint’ scent as Moroccanoil’s regular treatment, but you’ll feel the difference immediately in that it’s much, much lighter and ‘thinner’ feeling. Before, when I used ‘regular’ Moroccanoil, I had to be careful about only using a few drops… with this baby I can squeeze out a big fat pump and smear it through my hair with wild abandon. (Well, semi-wild abandon anyway… I’m still too scared to get it near my roots…) I do this while my hair’s still wet and then, once it’s been blow dried, I can FEEL I’ve used the product. My hair’s got that nice, ‘slippy’ satin-y feel you get to enjoy after your hair dresser’s used her super fancy ultra deep conditioning treatment on your locks. Again, whether this is because my hair’s sucked up a ton of miraculous argan oil or simply gussied up in silicone, I can’t tell. All I know is that I like it. Ooh, and let’s not get started on the shine… Tres mooi

The other Moroccanoil product I played with was a mask:

Moroccanoil Hydrating Mask, R295
This particular Moroccanoil product actually contains more argan oil than silicone but mostly benefits from cetyl alcohol. (Don’t worry; it’s a special kind of fatty ‘alcohol’, often derived from coconut or palm oil, that won’t dry out your hair. Promise!) I liked it, but wasn’t blown away. I had to leave it on for a good ten minutes to get my hair feeling as soft as what another mask I own can do in two. It’s something I’ll use now and then when I want to give my hair a little more hydration, but I won’t rely on it when my hair’s in need of serious ‘repair’.

Last, but not least, we’ve got Moroccanoil’s ‘styling cream’:

Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream, R285

Oooh boy, did I like this dude. He’s also got lots of cetyl alcohol in him and again, more argan oil than silicone. I love how I’m able to use lots and lots of it (even near my roots) and not risk ‘greasing up’ my hair. I like to run a good two pumps through my lengths and then use just a dash to tame the frizz patch near my crown. I do this while my hair’s still wet and love how I’m then able to run my brush through it with the greatest of ease. Once it’s dry, my hair feels silky soft to the touch and is left with a healthy-looking sheen. In fact, I reckon I like this boytjie more than the treatment serum.

Now tell me girls, have you used any Moroccan Oil products? If so, which ones and what did you think? Tell me in the comments section below…
If you’d like to track ’em down, call Twincare, the local distributors, on (011) 11 305 1600. (I’m putting this is bold ‘cos I’m sick to death of a zillion people asking me where they can find it on twitter…)

Love, love


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  1. What would you recommend as a ‘detox’ product for hair? Is there a clarifying shampoo you use on your own hair?

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