Elizabeth Arden’s new Eight Hour Cream limited edition jewel collection

Today I had to go to the dentist (for the zillionth time) to sort out my bedonerdse back tooth. It’s the one that I had root canal in (eek!), so the tooth’s all weak and sad. It also thought nothing of cracking open tres dramatically at a dinner party and then proceeded to break apart further, in dribs and drabs, at glamorous events while in the company of hot male models. Sigh… So ja, I finally got that patched up to the tune of R3 854. Can you believe it? You’d think the bloody cap was made outta platinum, but it’s just plain old hey-I-look-just-like-real-tooth material. Double sigh…

Anyway, I’d just gotten back home and was curled up in a ball on the bed (cradling my wallet ‘cos it wouldn’t stop crying) and then the door bell rang. Look what just got delivered with perfect cheer-me-up timing!

Diamonds (and Eight Hour Cream) are a girl's best friend. Oh yes!

This is Arden’s new limited edition Eight Hour Cream collection – the jewel collection. Gorgeous, right?

I reckon any woman who loves Eight Hour Cream (i.e. every living, breathing chica on the planet) would love and adore to receive any one of these babies for Christmas. And the prices are awesome too in that the jar is R155, the Intensive Moisturising hand treatment is R150 and the Lip Protectant Stick with SPF 15 is only R130!

My personal fave is the lippie. I LOVE the metallic silver tube. It’s just the kind of envy-inducing goodie you want to whip out of your handsak after a quick red espresso with the girls. 

Whipped this piccie off the net 'cos my camera wasn't picking up the true mooiness of the tube.

Now tell me, do you own Eight Hour Cream? And what do you use it for? Would love to know… (I have a tube on my nightstand – I use it on my lips before bed and rub it into my cuticles when I remember).

Love, love


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Editor of South African beauty blog Lipgloss is my Life.

7 thoughts on “Elizabeth Arden’s new Eight Hour Cream limited edition jewel collection

  1. I know, right?! And I love how the prices aren’t terrifying. Just the right amount to spoil someone you love for either their birthday or Christmas – and they’ll be guaranteed to LOVE it! 😉

  2. i LOVE 8 Hour Skin Protectant. I have been using it religiously on my lips for 5 years. One tube lasts like 2 years! I also use it for dry skin anywhere on my body except my face. It also works wonders for me in hayfever season when my poor little nose is red and raw from blowing it so much. love love love this product!

  3. I mix the 8hour cream with my moisturizer after a big night out and I wake up looking much fresher than I feel! Works like a charm x

  4. always have a tube in my handbag, have even used it to brighten up cheeckbones (lowlight) like the believe products skinbrightener

  5. NOTHING beats it when fingers and toes are so dry someone might mistake you for E.T. Also, on long-haul flights I just smear it all over my mug, and I don’t end up as flaky as a breakfast cereal when I get to the other end!

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