Win a L’Oreal Paris Men Expert hamper for your dad this Father’s Day

Being a (good) dad is hard work. I know this ‘cos I was one of two daughter’s bestowed upon my dear, old dad who basically came of age in a house full of strong-willed, occasionally hysterical females who relegated him to a life of always having to be the green My Little Pony that nobody liked (on the very rare occasion we deigned to let him play). That and having to slave over a desk from nine to five to keep us all in neon scrunchies, Count Dracula sherbet and Exclamation body spray.

So ja. Clearly it’s pay back time so I’ll be treating my folks to a spoilicous trip to Thailand later this year. It’ll totally help justify that his Father’s Day gift will be something rubbish like a biltong and sock combo. You, however, can do better if you win one of two L’Oreal Paris Men Expert hampers I’m giving away.

Each hamper is a selection of L’Oreal Paris Men Expert products in a very nice-looking travel bag and worth R500 a pop. This includes a quenching gel (to ease post-shave razor burn and dryness), ice cool face wash, recharging moisturiser with turbo booster and Thermic Resist roll-on deodorant from the popular Hydra Energetic line as well as a Vita Lift 5 anti-ageing daily moisturiser. Score!

If it's good enough for Dr House, it's good enough for your dad.
If it’s good enough for Dr House, it’s good enough for your dad.

Want to win? Simply leave a comment telling me about something ‘dreadful’ you subjected your poor ‘dad o’ girl/s’ to. If anything it’ll make for an entertaining comments section. Another way to enter? Hit me up on twitter with the following:

‘Hey @lipglossgirl, I’d love to win a @LOreal_RSA Men Expert hamper for my dad this Father’s Day’ and include the link to this post.

This competition closes at 5pm on Friday the 12th of June. Winner’s will be chosen via a random number generator and selected from both e-mail and twitter entrants.

Good luck girls!

Love, love


19 thoughts on “Win a L’Oreal Paris Men Expert hamper for your dad this Father’s Day

  1. My poor dear darling ol Dad was such a softie with me, especially when I was a teenager. He fetched and carried me from morn to nite, together with all my friends, to the beach and back, dropped us at parties then fetched us again. Didn’t matter what time of night he was there for me. Flipping star! I feel bad that he had no sleep while I was 13 until 18. Incredible dad by the way, he made me feel safe and secure, protected….if only all daughters could have this ❤️❤️❤️

  2. A long time ago I had an operation on both of my arms. I was post-surgery, in a total zombie state. My Dad was devoted to taking care of me, doing everything for me. My Dad had to resurrect the parental taxi service once I started becoming mobile enough to actually leave the house, though still not able to drive on my own. So we would run errands together, go shopping, etc., leaving my Mom at home. With both arms out of commission, I had no way of carrying a purse/bag on either shoulder/arm. Thus Dad did that for me. Now wait — my Dad is an old-school, old-world gentleman in every sense of the word.

    Dad lets me know he’s not going to let me carry my own purse/bag because I shouldn’t be lugging anything around right now. Accordingly, he will carry it. Uh huh. I pictured Dad carrying that thing and said, “No Dad, that’s alright, I can handle it,” knowing it might kill him to be seen carting my purse/bag around town for an hour, and then Home Depot after that.

    1. What a honey! I’d say ‘lucky girl’ but then again that surgery sounds horrible. Here’s hoping you’re now feeling 100 percent better 😘

  3. I’m the youngest of 4 girls. Yup, 4! We subjected my dad to so many arguments over who stole whose shoes and whose turn it was in the bathroom (one bathroom – 6 women , including my mom and gran) how my dad put up with us without growing a uterus I seriously don’t know. And I don’t recall him ever saying he wished he had boys instead. He was an absolute saint! Unfortunately my daddy passed away in December last year and we’ll be facing the first father’s day without him this year. I can’t give my dad a gift this year, but would love to win it for my hubby instead since he has been my anchor through everything and he is SUCH a wonderful dad to our little girl. At only 3 years old she’s already so feisty, there is no doubt in my mind that she’s going to give her dad grey hairs 😉

  4. I asked my dad to teach me how to drive…. eeeeek what a nightmare that was for both of us he he . Firstly I used his new car to start my first driving lesson, it was a silent trip until I panicked when I saw a truck next to me, I wanted to stop right there and then and run away ha ha… when we got home we both had a headache, and I promised myself never to let him go through that again he he

  5. REHANA SEEDAT email: My Dad hates watching horror movies. When I was still in high school I insisted he join me for a horror movie. He sat in the movie house moaning and groaning throughout the movie. I have tweeted @rehanaseedat

    1. My sister and I forced my dad to watch the Benji movies (yep, the ones about the dog) in the movie theatre and that might as well have been a horror for the poor ouk.

  6. My poor dad had to be dragged all my netball matches when I was younger and had to sit between a bunch of mommies all day long and make small talk. And then also was the chauffer to me and my pals when we went clubbing. He never had a problem with getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning to come pick us up.

  7. My dad had 2 daughters.. so I became the tom boy and he always called me the son he never had 🙂 I would spend ages with him in the garage and help him with things he was making etc. My dad does not dance – not ever, its just not done. But he made an exception and slow danced (well moved slightly) on the dancefloor on my wedding with me 🙂

    1. Congrats Lynn, you’re one of my winners 😉 Going to send you a mail in a bit (to the addie you left in the back end) to get your deets for the PR. I hope your dad enjoys his prize x

  8. Oh I’m pretty sure my dad was ‘tortured’ by my growing up, from my the re-runs of The Care Bear Movie, to playing with my Barbie dolls, playing mermaids at the beach (which I’m sure he joined in on), cycling on Durban beachfront, adventuring in nature reserves while I moaned the entire time, never ending summers spent swimming and throwing myself and my brother from his shoulders into the pool to more recently laughing his head off while I was mid anxiety attack while learning to drive. I will say that I got him back, with evidence… photos of him in a chocolate face mask were displayed proudly on Facebook.
    But the most amazing thing my father has ever done, is give up his well paying job in the Merchant Marines in the UK to spend more time with his kids and watch us grow up.
    😀 He’s pretty amazing!

  9. Being the only girl in the family I am the apple of my father’s eye!! Nothing is ever too much for him from picking me up outside a club at the wee hours of the morning when my drink had been spiked to buying me Disney tapes when I was feeling sick. Netball games, driving lessons, piggy backs. He is an awesome dad and deserves a bit of a spoil for fathers day.

  10. My dad’s car was his pride and joy, and for that reason, no one was ever allowed to drive it except him. So one day when I was 15, while my parents were away for the weekend, I decided to test drive this glorious machine. Everything went well, except for when I got back home and tried to park the car back in the same angle that he used to park it. I ended up hitting the gate. I never forget the look of horror on his face when he saw his beloved car had been damaged. But he loved me so much, he forgave me, and even gave the car to me when I turned 21. I still feel horrible about what I did 16 years ago, and every time I apologise, he still tells me, he is glad nothing bad happened to me, that’s the only thing that ever really mattered.


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