La Mouette’s peanut butter macaroon is the shizzle’s nizzle

Have you girls eaten at La Mouette yet? (If not, do yourselves a favour and make your booking now!) I follow them on twitter and saw that they were about to stop making their September tasting menu dessert, a particularly evil-sounding peanut butter macaroon and coconut ice cream. Good god! How could I let that one slip me by? Thus, I decided to pop in on the Sunday and devour it along with my darling Karis Piss.

KP looking mooi on the La Mouette fountain.

If you read KP’s blog, you’ll know she’s just as macaroon-obsessed as I am. In fact, she’s even got a special kiss-o-metre rating system for them! Alas, as it turns out, she’s utterly repulsed by anything made out of peanut butter (I know! Like, who doesn’t like peanut butter?! I was totally shocked too….), so I ended up scoffing the peanut butter version while Karisa opted for a decadent chocolate one that’s served with almond ice cream). Check ’em out:

Peanut butter bliss...


...and Totally-worth-the-kilojoules Chocolate.

When I put my macaroon in my mouth, my eyes blurred with a rainbow-coloured mist and My Little Ponies started dancing in my head. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups having nothing on these babies! The ice cream was delish too, but, surprise, surprise, I actually thought K’s boring-sounding almond version was one of the best I’d ever tasted. (According to c0-owner Gerrit, it’s homemade. Yum…)

If you want to try the peanut butter macaroon for yourself, I’m afraid it’s now too late (nyhahahah!). It’s been struck off the monthly set menu in favour of a wicked strawberry cheesecake made with marshmallows and black pepper. (Sjoe!) However, you can indulge in the uber-delish chocolate one as it lives on the a la carte menu. Still, I reckon you’d be mad not to treat yourself to the new October tasting menu. It’s only R120 per person for 6 courses and involves a confit lamb shoulder served with gnocci and, of course, the yum-tastic-sounding new cheesecake. Mmm…

Thanks Mari, Gerrit – this was a particularly sinful/delicious Sunday.

Love, love


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2 thoughts on “La Mouette’s peanut butter macaroon is the shizzle’s nizzle

  1. You are more than welcome Leigh – Gerrit and I are SO obsessed with these babies it isn’t even funny – to the point that Henry started counting them as there was serious macaroon theft going on.

    If you get the craving – you know where we are… and ps, I am sure if we ask Henry nice enough, the peanut butter heaven might just return!

    Kindest regards and thanks again for the nice write-up
    Mari, Gerrit and Henry
    Team La Mouette

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