The Shelley & Harry jewellery collection’s first birthday bash

Last night myself and Nickle Pickle popped into The Last Word (the most gorgeous 5-star boutique hotel in Constantia) to celebrate the first birthday of the Shelley & Harry jewellery collection as well as the launch of the new Goddess collection. The range was created by Cape Town girl Shelley Robertson who uses the Mother City as inspirasie for her work. As for Harry, he’s her four-legged bestie/business parter:
Shelley & Harry

Seriously girls, how adorbsville is Harry? Just get a load of him in this piccie I found on the press release flash drive:

Please sir, can I have some more?

Shelley’s actually pretty lucky he wasn’t there ‘cos he may well have stolen the show… although he’d have a lot of competition. Get a load of how gorgeous Shelley’s jewelley is:

These are the ringetjies in the Coco collection. Naturally, my favourite was the biggest. (R3 200)

Lets get a close up of that shall we?

Look how happy I look living on Auntie Leigh's finger...

Shelley’s jewells are divided into three main collections; the Goddess collection (which is the newest)  plus the sophisticated Coco collection and whimsical Floral Collection.  Take a look:

These gold-plated flower earrings are from the Goddess collection. Tres divine and only R300.
This cutesy ring is from the Floral Collection. I could so see Karis Piss in something like this... Alas, I didn't get the price.

Aside from getting to play with lots of beautiful bling, guests were also treated to a veritable fountain of champagne, delish canapes from The Food Room and nummy macaroons. Initially, I tried to be good and fill up on high protein treats like these amazing white fish sashimi-type goodies:

So fresh, so lemon-y, so good...

…alas, the bloody macaroons – a good four of them – where the death o’ the Atkins diet I’d started on Monday. Drat. (Once you hit 30, thinsville just doesn’t come naturally any more… still, there’s no point in having an ass like a 12-year old boy if you’re too carb-deprived and miserable to shake it all over town…) 

Anyway, if you want to make an appointment to view some gorgeous Shelley & Harry fabulosity, get hold of Shelley on 083 395 1447 or e-mail her on You can also join her Facebook group, ‘Shelley & Harry Jewellery Collection’.

Thanks Emma (she’s the PR peep that organised the bash), this was a divine night out.

Shelley et moi



X x x

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