Win INGLOT’s Rainbow Collection eye shadow

Last week, my darling make-up artist friend Tam popped round to show me to how to best apply my new INGLOT eye shadows. 

My beautiful Tam Tam.
Aside from working freelance make-up gigs, Tam also teaches a pro make-up course at Prestige Academy. On top of this, she can tie a knot in a cherry stem with her tongue. Really. I’ve seen her do it with my own eyes. Totally freaky, but tres tres awesome…

Here are the two looks she created for me using the blue and grey Rainbow Collection eye shadow trios I received from INGLOT.

The trick to creating a smokey cat eye, says Tam, is to extend your shadow ever so slightly upwards and outwards.

I really did think that the grey shadows would be my favourite, but they paled in comparison to the awesomeness that was the blue. (Sorry Tam, you were right!) She put them on like this: the lightest shade in the inner corner, midtone on the rest of the eyelid and then the darkest blue was used to create a C-shape that hugged the left corner of my lid. Then, to make everything pop, she used a bit of  the darkest grey shade to go over the  blue ‘C’ and smudged it towards my pupil. Check it out:

Blue shadow looking fab. Who knew? You'll notice she also used a bit of liquid liner across the top lid as a finishing touch.

Tam’s top eye shadow application tip
When you’re using dark shades or bright colours, first cover your entire eyelid with a neutral shade. When you apply your other shadows over this, you’ll find they’re easier to blend.

Tam’s fave INGLOT product

Girl is OBSESSED with INGLOT Duraline…

This baby's rated 4 out of 5 on!

Simply use one or two drops of it to transform your INGLOT pigment shadow into long-lasting liquid liner or cream shadow!

Now for the moment you’ve been waiting for…Win! Win! Win!
Want to win one of FIVE two-pan INGLOT eye shadows from the Rainbow Collection, the grey and blue trio to be specific?
Yip, that's right. You can win moi. And I promise to play nice with the rest of your make-up...

To go into the draw to win, drop me a mail with your contact deets on with INGLOT COMP as the subject. Alternatively, send me a tweet @lipglossgirl telling me the name of your favourite INGLOT product.

The boring stuff
This competition is open to SA residents only. It closes on Friday, the 7th of October at 5pm. You can only enter once, so don’t spam the shizz out of me! I’ll get an uninterested party (i.e. my boyfriend) to pick a winner and announce them on my blog on Monday. Good luck girls!

Love, love


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