INGLOT makes my day

Remember when I did that Sweat 1000 class the other day? Jissus, it nearly killed me. After the class, I crawled straight into bed so as to curl up in a ball and feel bleak about my unimpressive fitness levels, but then the door bell rang… The lovely peeps at INGLOT had sent me a li’l surprise; a 2- and 4-pan Freedom System palette containing a few of their new Rainbow Collection eye shadows – attached to a whopload of balloons!

Woop woop!

Look how pretty they are:

Mooiness, ne?
Love how their magnetic lids just sweep to the side or can be removed completely. V. clever...

The Rainbow Collection is available in 20 different matte trios that can be worn on their own or blended together.Each pan costs R89 and you can pop them into INGLOT’s Freedom System pans of either 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20 or 40. The best bit? If you fill up your pan, it’s FREE! 

As I’m a closet dullard when it comes to eye shadow (I own at least 12 different shades of brown and love them all!), I was immediately taken by the chocolate-y-looking trio:

Each shade is fabulously pigmented and has a lovely velvety texture that glides onto your skin.

Upon hearing about my INGLOT score, one of my besties, Tam, also who happens to be a pro make-up artist, nearly lost her mind. The girl is OBSESSED with INGLOT’s shizz and is always giving me dramz everytime I spend a penny at MAC, telling me I could be getting the same thing for half the price from le ‘Inglies’.

Tam’s actually coming over later today to help me drain a bottle of vino and show me how to best apply my new shades. Will be sure to post piccies to show off her handiwork.

Love, love


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