The Cape Town Look & Feel Good expo

Earlier today, Giatjie and I popped into the Look & Feel Good expo. It was a fun way to spend the morning and we enjoyed browsing over 200 stalls that focused on health, beauty and wellness.

The Ponds peeps had a HUGE display. It was there that we got a sample of their new spot-corrector, Flawless Radiance Blemish Prevention UV cream. I like that its got a nice, light texture and has a slight pearlescence to it to help enhance your skin’s natural radiance.

Gia makes friends with Ponds' Kamenti.

My friend Margaux was also there, promoting her fab new beauty concept, Ruby Box. (In a nut shell, if you subscribe to Ruby Box for R100 a month, you’ll get a box of around 4 or 5 generous make-up samples hand delivered to you door every 30 days.) 

What's up Margs?!

She’s doing so well that she’s run out of the three mini samples of Bulgari perfume that she was originally including in the box so now new subscribers will get a gorgeous mini Bulgari Omnia Crystalline perfume.

If you sign up for Ruby Box at the expo, you'll get this September box for free!

My darling Tatum also had a stall to show off her gorgeous Soul Shine cards, beautifully designed affirmation cards with a unique South African flavour.

Talented Tat; graphic design goddess and esteemed member of my monthly 'girls only' Booze n' Cake day.

Check out her cards:

Mooi, ne? A pack will set you back R200.

In terms of shopping, there was lots to buy and almost every stall was running some kind of special that was unique to the expo. I walked away with the most divine tub of Kiddy-Calm foaming magnesium sulphate bath crystals, R70.

Hmmm... this smells good enough to eat. But I won't, don't worry. I'm not, like, thaaat stupid.

They had ‘grown-up’ scented salts too in a range they call Mai-Thaim, but I opted for the kiddie-orientated ‘marshmallow’. Just like the adult versions, it promises to alleviate sore muscles as well as other health dramz like insomnia, fatigue and migraines. (Sounds like it was made for me!) Also, I’ve just checked the brochure and see that its availabe in a chocolate scent too. Drat! Why didn’t I see that at the stall?!

Gia, however, was quite taken with this Foundation Fixer, R70.

It might look like a, ahem, sex toy, but actually helps you apply and blend foundation, concealer and cream blush like a pro.

There was also lots to do aside from empty your wallet… think yoga and pilates classes, hand, foot and body massages as well as make-up demos. 

Shape giving some kind of tension alleviating demo. I think...

In all, this was fun way to blow a Saturday morning. Want to go check it out yourself? The expo only closes late tomorrow, Sunday the 18th. Tickets cost R65 a head and can be bought at the door or online via Webtickets.  

Neigh, bietse!

Have fun!


X x x

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One thought on “The Cape Town Look & Feel Good expo

  1. I must also rave about the body scrub I bought from the same people that you bought your bath salts from, I got the Berry Fix Salt Scrub, with sulphate (to draw out impurities and to dry up excess oil) and magnesium – I was quite skeptical at first but it smells amazing and works beautifully too! My skin felt like silk afterwards and it’s not as harsh as other body scrubs because it’s salt. Ok yes it dissolves with water which is a bit of a ball-ache but it absorbs really well into the skin and doesn’t leave funky things floating around in the bath/basin afterwards! LOL! 😛

    Oh and Lila, please email me the photo of me with the My Little Pony face!
    (Can’t stop laughing at that moment of childish joy!) 🙂

    Thanks for a lovely day out by the way minus that HIDEOUS salad dressing experience! hahaha

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