Ard Matthews and Friends Charity Benefit

After living it up on champers and macaroons at the Skip launch, myself, Mark and Gert decided to put in a cameo at the Ard Matthews benefit. (It was in aid in MyLife, a charity that helps out impoverished youth). We arrived in time to miss Ard and Zolani from Freshly Ground sing the national anthem (perfectly, just so you know), but caught a bit of Jack Parow who was beyond awesome.

Dig this chick, she's kiff.

I later met Mr. P in the smoking section and embarrassed myself by reeling off some of the lyrics to Cooler As Ekke, telling him I had ‘a tattoo of a sleng op my tette’ (which, by the way, is an absolute lie…) He was like ‘Really? A SLENG?’ Clearly my Afrikaans needs some work…

Clouds and I being stalker fans.

Other interesting peeps out and about included fashion blogger Sam Walker from Pop Ya Collar. I made a point of introducing/showing off Gert to her and they’ve swapped deets.

Sam and Gert being adorbs...

2Oceansvibe radio was also on the scene.

Gary Cool and The Passion from The Rock Dimension.

They gave me a rad little car kit so I can listen to their show in my Kia. All I need to do is download the 2Oceansvibe radio app to my phone, connect it to the car kit and plug it into the AUX connection in my karretjie. Easy peasy…

The Wings Group stand was also there and Gert damn near lost his mind when he realised he could buy any of their sweets or biccies for a mere five bucks a pop. (Wings Group tend to give their goodies away for free, but because a portion of the event’s proceeds was going to go to MyLife, they decided to sell instead.) He immediately snapped up at least five trays of Toffifee and that’s when I realised he was my ‘sugar soul mate’ in that we’re both OBSESSED with Toffifee.

Back off bitch, it's mine!
The divine Dr. Susanne Reuther, the owner of Wings Group, AKA my sugar mommy.

When things started to wind down, Mark and I took Gert back to his hotel, but we were on too much of a sugar high to call it night. Thus, we decided to partake in a li’l more Toffifee and vino by the pool. (Within ten minutes, Gert had polished off 80% of the tray. He sure wasn’t kidding when he told me Toffifee was his favourite thing in the world…)

I gotta tell you, as a journo, I’ve gotten to meet a fair amount of designers throughout my career, particularly when I used to write for One Small Seed, and a lot of them are total toss pots. I’ve often felt so grateful for my dictaphone ‘cos I’ve totally tuned out when they’ve spouted endless streams of designer-babble. Think ‘Ja, so I was, like, totally inspired by the obscurantism and pure ostentatiousness regarding the fluidity of today’s collective psycho-narrative…’  Gert-Johan, however, is an absolute peach of a human being and I’m actually very sorry he lives all the way up in Jozi.

Mark, Clouds and Gert

Anyway, this was a super-fun evening and was totally worth the hangover. And I’m still finding various Wings Group lekkergoed everytime I get into my car! Yesterday it was a stray box of Toffifee and this morning Venco Dubbel Zout liquorice fell out my glove box. Score! This is Mark’s Absolute Favourite Thing in the world. (As he’s far too young for me to fiddle with, I pass this wisdom on to any young vroumens wishing to reel him in…) 

He devoured half a packet next to me while I drove him home and kept telling me to ‘just try it’, but I wasn’t having any of it. The whole idea of salted liquorice just seemed so… vile. Eventually he managed to stuff get a piece into my mouth and – shocker rocker – it was totally delish and v. v. addictive. I’ve seen them lurking next to the counter at the Woolies Engen on Orange, so next time I’m in there, I’m totally going to pop them into my basket…

Thanks Susanne! Dankie Marina! (This was a Little Black Book function, just so you know…)

Love, love

Leigh (the girl who’s soon to be the size of a Wendy House… )

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