New Skip launch at the V&A Waterfront

Last night, I popped into the launch of Skip’s new liquid washing detergent along with Mark not-so-Bland, an old mate from Jupiter Drawing Room. To celebrate the new Skip, Jupiter teamed  up with Mila (a design house) and conceptual designer Reep Verloren van Thermaat, (try saying that three times fast) to create a truly gorgeous art installation. Check it out:

See the big, pretty washing machine? It's where all those missing socks go when they die...

Now get a load of all the cutesy li’l seagulls hanging from the roof:

They've all been made out of repurposed Skip Liquid bottles. Clever, ne?

There were gorgeous models on the scene, clad in David Tlale rokkies that had been specially designed for the bash:

David gets cosy with a 'Skip chick'. If you look carefully, you'll see her headpiece is also made from a Skip bottle.
Marky Mark gets some Skip lovin' too...

Other peeps out and about? Fashion blogger Jasna Zellerhof AKA Fashion Jazz and celeb expert Clayton Morar:

Clay Clay, Jasna et moi.

Malcolm Kluk was also there (he says if you invest in one trend this spring, make it ‘tribal’), but I accidentally deleted his piccie while cleaning my camera. Oops! And it’s all these babies’ fault:

Le macaroons o' death

Upon spotting a trayful of vanilla macaroons, I decided to migrate two of them into my handsakkie. Thing is, I was semi-blind drunk somehow underestimated their goo-factor, so they pretty much exploded on my every belonging, covering my camera, phone and hairbrush with their evil, custardy awesomeness. Ag nee!

It was around about the time that I was licking macaroon off my Crackberry that I was introduced to yet another designer on the scene, Gert-Johan Coetzee. (In case you’ve been living under a rock, or happen to be my dad (love you!), Gert, is like, ‘the biggest deal’ in SA fashion right now… Dude dressed the bloody Kardashian’s, for heaven’s sake…)

Gert: Darling, you need to let me go now... Moi: I can't babe, I'm stuck!

Due to the fact that Gert was now stuck to the side of my face via macaroon filling, I thought I’d take advantage of the fact and drag him along to partytjie nommer twee; the Ard Matthews bash in Woodstock. I mean, when else would I get to tell people I was ‘wearing Gert-Johan’? And besides, it wouldn’t have been right to let him go back to his hotel room all alone on a Phuza Thursday… Thus, Gert, Mark and I bundled into my karretjie and zipped off into the night, but not before collecting our Skip goodie bags. Each sakkie contained two big bottles of new Skip liquid that I’m uber-keen to try.

'Cos its a liquid, you don't have to worry about getting powder residue all over your LBD's. Also, as it makes use of Fibre Protect Technology, your clothes will look as good as new, wash after wash. Kiffness...

Anyway, I’ll be sure to write all about the Ard Matthews gig tomorrow when I have time. (It was a super-fun though, just so you know…)

Thank you By Invite Only, (they’re the events co that threw the bash) I had loads of fun, (ate a good half kg of that awesome springbok you had going) and reckon the installation’s truly beautiful.

Love, love

LeighWant to check the Skip Liquid installation out for yourself? It’ll be up in the Lampside Court at the V&A (upstairs next to Mango and La Playa) until 5 September. 

2 thoughts on “New Skip launch at the V&A Waterfront

  1. so glad you decided my photo was actually suitable enough to make the cut! Thanks for a super fun night. My diet this week will consist solely of salted liquorice!

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