Indigo Cosmetics factory shop

See this?

Rimmel SunShimmer Instant Tan in Medium Matte

This is one of my favourite products of all time. I have absolutey no clue as to why the brand discontinued it, but I was devastated and made a point of snapping up every tube I could find. (I like to mix it up with a body lotion and sweep it over my legs to give them an instant faux glow on days when I have some big skouspel or whatever and haven’t had the time to get my Caribbean on…) 

Today I had to pop out to Indigo Cosmetics in Epping to pick up a Rimmel blush I want to crush up for beauty shoot for Drum magazine. They have a factory shop right next door to their office and I decided to pop in for a look see and discoverd three HUGE shelves full of Rimmel SunShimmer’s all marked down to R20 a pop!


Because sharing’s caring, I’ll let you in on the shop’s addie; 20 Evans Road, Epping. 

My advice, if you don’t know the area well, is to take a GPS. One wrong turn and you’ll end up in hijackville… Even just stopping at the super-horrible Vanguard Shell, a block away, scared the living shizz out of me. So be safe… and enjoy!

X x x

6 thoughts on “Indigo Cosmetics factory shop

  1. Oh my word….you have made my whole week! I flippin love this stuff and can’t find a decent replacement. Going to buy half of shelf 1 this weekend! x

  2. You have just changed slash saved my life (read: white body). My girls and i LOVE this product of glory and held a funeral when they removed it from the shelves. I plan on buying at least 8 tubes today. Thank you!!!

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