Ag nee!

Right… I’m finally able to tell you why I’ve been such a miserable cow as of late; after much backwards and forwardsing, I’ve decided to opt for a retrenchment package from Beauty South Africa. Kak one, right? But to be honest, it was a long time in coming, so I wasn’t exactly caught by surprise.

What do you mean trashbags don't come in pink?!

Still, as much as I’m not looking forward to not being able to throw Aldos into my trolley with wild abandon, there are a few positive aspects and I do feel like this is the universe forcing my ass out of complacency and I’m sure it’s going to steer me towards something fabulous. Other retrencment plusses? I’m now going to be able to hit up any class I feel like at gym – or sloth about on the couch til 11am, watching reality shizz back to back. I can also hit up the mall in the morning when it’s super quiet or trek out to far flung factory shops to buy random crap like discount Brie en masse. Still, it won’t be all fun, games and el cheapo cheese… I’m also going to work my ass off ‘cos in a moment of ‘OMFG, how am I gonna buy my starter home in Upper Woodstock’ frenzy, I called up every mag ed I know and lined up a fat pile o’ freelance work to help keep me in lipgloss and Botox. 

But semi-cheery attitute aside, it’s got to be said that retrenchment really isn’t a nice feeling. Despite the fact that this was one of those ‘that’s how the cookie crumbled’ kinda deals, the whole experience leaves still leaves you with a horrible feeling of irrational rejection that lurks in a deep, dark recession of your tummy. That and ye old whole ‘where am I going to steal office stationary from now’ dramz…

Nevertheless, I’m blessed in that I’ve got truly wonderful friends and have been so touched, surprised and overwhelmed by the outpouring of support I’ve received from them as well as the people within my social network. (Thank you Tweeps, some of your sweet messages made me cry!) Being subject to so many kind words and unexpected concern has been such a humbling experience. (Just today, my office’s secretary and tea lady clubbed together to spoil me with a surprise ‘good bye’ slab of choccie along with a Coke Lite. (I tend to have a can glued to my hand at work…) And just two minutes ago, darling Jeannie D offered to treat me to boozy lunch that includes a side order of tik plus a bottle o’ meth poured through a half loaf ‘o bread – the kinda fare I might have to get used to now that my champagne lifestyle is on the skids… (Dankie biets!)

So ja, it’s onwards and upwards with a slight detour via the gutter, (which I plan to pass out in over the weekend).  

Again, thank you for all the love,


P.S. Until I find another beauty editing gig (they’re like hen’s teeth, so hold thumbs), I’ll continue to write for Cosmo, Foschini, Clicks, YOU, that Aussie mag my ex-boss edits plus whoever else will have me. I’m also going to freelance for Beauty South Africa, so I’m still around. Promise.

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