Wanted/Southern Right dinner at the Table Bay hotel

Last week Karisa and I were invited to a fancy pants Southern Right/Wanted dinner hosted at the super-glam Table Bay Hotel. (For those who don’t know, Wanted is the mag supplement that comes with Business Day. I really enjoyed this month’s story on Cape Town-based perfumer Tammy Frazer as well as a piece on Tom Ford and his approach to creating make-up. As it turns out, he wears half of what he makes, including his Traceless foundation stick and Illuminating Protective primer!)

Anyhoo, the event kicked off with an icy glass of Chivas at the Fabiani store in the V&A.

Cheers biets! KP knocks back a Chivas.
Yes, yes... I'm in the leopard print rokkie once more. Please understand that this is the only warm cocktail dress I own...

It was here that we got to meet Anthony Hamilton Russell, he of Hamilton Russell wines. Despite the fact that he reminded me of my first ever boyfriend, (a guy who dumped me twice!), I actually rather like him. He’s fabulously passionate about what he does and has a v. endearing old school way about him in that he still writes with a fountain pen and flat out refuses to create a website. (He reckons the people who will appreciate about his wine will be aware of it regardless… Still, if you want to read more about them, you can pop on over to their page on Wine.co.za.)

Lieschen Botes and Kitty Spencer were also guests, so I made a point of squeezing them for fresh ‘beauty juice’. Lieschen, like me, is a big fan of Blistex DCT, the BEST lip balm on God’s green earth.

It's got AHA acids in it, so it sizzles away dry skin within 24 hours. Love that!

Kitty, however, is a huge MAC fan…

Being perpetually tanned, she can pull of nude colours and likes MAC's limited edition Viva Glam Lady Gaga lippie and lipglass.

After a good schmingle, we all headed off to the Table Bay for din dins…

See that vino Karisa, Anthony and I are drinking? It’s Southern Right Sauvignon Blanc 2011. Anthony told me that it's one of his bestsellers both locally and abroad and got rated best SA sav blanc by the Wall Street Journal.

Anthony told me that it’s one of his bestsellers both locally and abroad and got rated best SA sav blanc by the Wall Street Journal. It’s also the ‘wine by glass’ at celeb hangout Koi in New York and has been served to ex-president Bill Clinton. Despite all this fabulosity, a bottle will only set you back R85.

Before we took our seats, rumors started to fly around that event organizer, Jill Grogor of Zebra Square PR, had rustled up a secret celebrity guest. Naturally my interest was piqued, but I wasn’t overly excited; as journo I deal with celebs for a living and after meeting uber-hottie Ryk Neethling everything else seems a little bit, well, ‘meh’… So, you can only imagine my surprise when in walked Blair bloody Underwood. Jirre jissus!

Blairy nice to meet you...

I had THE BIGGEST crush on Blair back in junior school ‘cos I grew up watching him on LA Law with my crazy-for-legal-dramz mom. Meeting him in real life was one of the weirdest (yet coolest) experiences ever. Still, like I said, being the jaded, seen-it-all journo that I am, I totally kept my cool and didn’t ask him to sign my napkin. Instead, I merely fell all over him and blurted out shizz like ‘Oh my God! I used to have suuuuch a thing for back when I was, like, twelve! You’re sooo hot! I can’t believe it’s you! You look so young. I love you…’

If anyone else is a mentalistic fan like myself, know that he’s the sweetest, nicest, most well spoken, self-effacing, (unbelievable young-looking) sweetheart.

Still, Blair wasn’t the only hottie on the scene. Aidan Bennetts was also out and about and I embarrassed Karisa thoroughly by telling him how she plans to make enough cash to commission him to make a piece of furniture for her… in the nude. Alas, Aidan said using a sanding machine isn’t really conducive to nekkidness, but he didn’t say no… and everyone has their price…

Come on man... just one teensy li'l coffee table... will only take you an afternoon...

Now let me tell you a bit about the menu… to start we dined on springbok and beetroot carpaccio followed by seared swordfish and chevin and pear panacotta. (Yum!) Of all the delish dishes, I was most impressed with the carpaccio which tasted like really good biltong, but melted in your mouth.

This carpaccio ruined all other carpaccios for me for the rest of my life.

I sat next to Lieschen and she was super impressed with it too. Can you tell that we’re ever so slightly dronk?

I get to meet to many vapid, bitchy schodels in regards to my job, so this gorgeous salt of the earth 'boerehottie' is such a breath of fresh air for me.

After dinner, there was a lucky draw, so I sat back and waited for them to call my name. (I aaa-lways win stuff and my voodoo lady reckons I should enter the Lotto, but, perhaps stupidly, I never do…) Sure enough, I snagged a cutesy li’l ICE watch. Check it out:

It's a yellow Ice Sili all the way from Belgium. These babies started the whole 'jelly watch' trend.

Still, that wasn’t the only thing I took home with me; guests were treated to a jar of Southern Wright Sauvignon honey (tres yum) and a big ass Gucci perfume. (KP got Gucci Flora and I got Gucci by Gucci, a fruity floral resting on a bed of honey, patchouli and musk).

Thank you Jill, this was a truly indulgent night out. I always have a blast at your glamtastic bashes and this was no exception.

Accepting my prize from Kitty and being a 'winner' in every sense of the word...

Love, love


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