Cape Town Fashion Week Carducci after party at Blakes

Right… I promised to finish up my CTFW party hopping write up, so here goes… after stumbling out of the Glamour/GQ bash, myself and Gia decided to meet up with Dax at the Carducci party held at Blakes Bar in town. The night had a casino theme and we were all given chips to play games like black jack and roulette. Generally, I’m a black jack girl, but Dax kinda twisted my arm into spinning the wheel. (He reckons black jack is boring, but roulette is ‘glamorous and sexy’. Hee hee…)
'Sexy roulette' with Dax. Naturally I made sure I got the pink chips...Having come from the Carducci show, the boys looked particularly dapper. See the zexy purple lining in Dax's jacket? Love!

Once I learned that we weren’t playing for cash and just for fun, I kinda threw my chips around – but kept on winning regardless!

Woo hoo! Go team! And yes, I am wearing a top as a dress... 'cos I'm classy like that...

After about twenty minutes I got a bit bored so I piled all my winnings onto black and lost the equivalent of a down payment on a small flat in town. Ag nee… To drown my sorrows, I decided to prop up the bar for a bit with local hottie Aidan Whytock.

Isn't he just gorgeous? I reckon he looks like a young Tom Cruise circa Cocktail in this shot.

You might recognise Aidan from the Investic ad that’s playing on the big screen at the mo. He’s also the Cape Town brand ambassador for Peroni beer and essentially gets paid to be ridiculously good looking while sipping Italian beer at fancy events. He’s a good guy to suck up to know as he can get you through the door to kick-ass Peroni bashes like the infamous yacht party KP and I hit up earlier this year. As he’s currently without a chica, I’d advise all you single ladies to make a plan and get in there, but he’ll be leaving for the states soon to rob Hugh Grant of a job…

Gia and I Facebook stalked him yesterday and reckon his profile pic is particularly Hugh-like...

After consuming far too much free champers (God, we just love Blakes… ), Gia and I passed out for a bit on a couch.

Love you bitch face!

We kinda hoped Aidan would come over and at least try to take advantage of us in our semi-conscious state, but he’d been sucked into serious conversation back at the bar. Thus, we gathered up our shizz and slithered off to bed. (Gia’s currently living in my guest room. My boyfriend’s thrilled ‘cos she does all the dishes, washes our clothes and makes countless cups of coffee for all three of us. In fact, it’s kinda like Three’s Company right now, except we’ve got two Chrissy’s. No boring Janet’s allowed…)

So ja… I really do regret being too swamped to actually catch a CTFW fashion show, (I hear Gavin Rajah was awesome), but at least I got to do the rounds at the partytjies and they were all fun, fun, fun!

Love, love


X x x

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