Glamour/GQ Cape Town Fashion Week after party 2011

Sjoe, this weekend’s been a bietjie mal

One of my ooooldest besties from PE, Gia, is staying with me, so I took her along as my date to the Glamour/GQ Cape Town Fashion Week after party. It was held at the Table Bay hotel and Belvedere Vodka was one of the sponsors.

I actually attended the launch of the brand the other day, I'm well aware of its wallet-crunching pricetag, so I made a point of 'getting my "money's" worth' by knocking back several double Belv's and cranberry juice. Tres yum!

As she’s quite the fashionista, Giatjie was the perfect chica to take to this kind of event ‘cos, aside from looking mooi in my piccies, she could use the evening to network with le Cape Town fashion folk. You see, Gia’s been working in Jozi as a ‘wardrobe designer’ for fancy pants rich vrouens that she’s not allowed to name, but is now in the Mother City to get her biz, Wardrobe Extraordinaire, up and running here too. Essentially, she reorganises your wardrobe, helps you sell things you nolonger want, does personal shopping and styling. To get in touch, check out her Facebook page or send her a mail on

Anyhoo, upon arrival, one of the first peeps we ran into was celeb hair dresser Mario Atzemoglou of Mario’s Company For Hair

Mario and Gia making friends.
Mario looks after the locks of everybody who’s anybody. I’m looking forward to interviewing him on Beauty South Africa. If anything, I want to ask him how to make curls with a ghd, ‘cos I’m still relying on my wretched, unwieldly old barrel tong…
Roxy Louw was also out and about in a gorgeous blue Anel Botha rokkie:  
Love it! Really should've taken a close up on that bow too; the diamante detailing was too pretty...
Lieschen Botha and Brigitte Williers were there too…
Hola bietse!
 This is the first time I’ve seen Lieschen with dead straight hair and I really liked the look. Her good mate, make-up artist Eloise Dreyer, (who’s been doing half the faces you’ve spotted on the ramp at CTFW), flat ironed it for her. It must’ve taken her forever ‘cos Lieschen’s been blessed with the most fabulously thick head of hair. As for Brigitte, she’s finally got her new website, The Jog Blog, up and running. It focuses on health and fitness with expert advice as well as top tips from various sporty celebs. 
Kitty Spencer was also a guest and it’s the first time I’ve seen Gia get struck by the ‘girl crush’ lightening bolt… She was super taken with Kitty’s pretty cream coloured Forever New one-shoulder as well as the fact that, despite being cousin’s with bloody royalty, ‘isn’t a stuck up cow in the least’.  
Love her tan? Kitty gets her Caribbean on at Bronze International in Vredehoek.
After a bit of a schmingle, I made my way to the buffet table… I love going to do’s at The Table Bay ‘cos the food is always delish. This time they had a full on spread o’ curries and tasty stir fry served in cutsey bento boxes. I actually took a nice snap to show it all off to you, but see that I’ve somehow managed to delete a few of Friday’s piccies… Oops!
It was next to the sambals that I ran into the Belvedere babe… 
The Belve's belle and model/socialista Henri Slier. See her insane Marge Simpson-esque up do? That's all her own hair that had been teased within an inch of its life and sprayed to hell and gone with hairspray.
The Glamour girls, Gina and Melissa, where also living it up:
Gina, on the left, is the mag's beauty assistant, while Melissa handles features. Sometimes I think Glamour only hires hotties...
Gina told me that… wait for it… TOPSHOP is coming to SA in November! Can you handle it? Apparently the fashion megastore’s gonna pop up in Cape Town, Jozi and Durbs. Woop, woop! I also found out that Glamour’s going to be going online in the next few months, so you’ll be able to get a daily dose of fashion and fabulous while pretending to work at your desk.
Anyhoo, after snapping up our Revlon-sponsored goodie bags…
I'm particularly excited to try that yellow nail polish, Electric. It looks like a good dupe for Chanel's Mimosa.
…Gia and I disappeared early to hit up the Carducci after party at Blakes. I’ll tell you all about that later, but right now I’ve got to hang up my washing which includes a disproportionate ammount of my boyfriend’s socks. (Living le glam le vie, I tell you…)
Thank you Zebra Square (the PR co that organised that bash), I always enjoy your events.
Moi getting pouty with my new Revlon Colour Burst lipgloss in Strawberry. Mwah!
Love, love
X x

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