Bitchy Bingo

The other night my vroumense and I had a girls’ night out at Beefcakes. For those of you who don’t live in Cape Town, (ag shame…) Beefcakes is a super-fun ‘pink’ burger bar in Green Point. This is the first time I’ve popped in, but I’ll definitely be back ‘cos those gorgeous gay boys sure know how to eat. I also love how the menu’s riddled with cheekyily named dishes… think Four Skins (loaded potato skins), the Sensual Strawberry Seduction (a handful of fresh strawberries that can be dipped into a mix of vodka, sugar, black pepper and cream). The best yet, however, has got to be the Chilli on the Willy burger. Love it!

Nickle Pickle's Buffy the Hamburger Slayer burger; an evil mix of bacon, avo and mushroom sauce with a thick slice of cheese and caramelised onions...

Anyhoo, the main reason we popped in was to play Bitchy Bingo, which takes place every Tuesday.

Channelling my inner Jessica Simpson with my (unlucky) bingo card.

Our gorgeous Bingo queen hostess was none other than Princess Pop, a dead ringer for a Paris Hilton (if she’d played excessive ammounts of hockey in high school… )

Karisa and I usually don't like posing with chicas that are hotter than we are, but we made an exception for Princess P.

Still, despite playing FOUR games, I didn’t win! Can you believe it? I win, like, absolutely everthing, so I dunno what happened there… Hiss, stomp, whine… Fortunately, I was able to console my utter crapness with glass or two of bubbly bought by a ‘mystery man’… You see, upon arrival, we were brought a bottle of champers and a fancy pants white vino as a ‘gentleman who wished to remain anonymous’ had popped in earlier to pay for it. After a little investigating, it was revealed that my darling Dani’s hubby, Fabian, had stopped by on his way home from work and swiped his card…

OMFG! Seriously? Like, who’s hubby does that?!

Moi and Darling Dani, the lucky biets with the 'mystery man'...

Naturally, we’ve all now got first dibbs on Fabulous Fabe’s should Dani, God forbid, meet an untimely demise. He’s now a hot commodity as this is the very same man who did ALL the washing up at my 29th (on the sly, nogal), while my friends and I danced drunkenly in the lounge to early 90’s trash like 2Unlimited…

Love you Fabes, you’re the shizz. And so’s Beefcakes… your burgers are tres delish and I can’t wait to come back and try your Pistachio milkshake!


X x x

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One thought on “Bitchy Bingo

  1. I rent him out weekends… He’s also avail to train your other half on how to be a man slave!
    Sign up ladies 🙂

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