Cell phone dramz

Hey girls

Earlier this week I lost my BlackBerry. (I think I left it in Greens in Park Road, but can’t be sure. Could also have dropped it in the street while getting into my car…) Anyway, the whole thing’s been a kak experience, but I learned some shizz (the hard way) and thought I’d share with you all.

When I called MTN to report my missing BB, they offered to block my SIM card and told me to go to an MTN store to get a new one. (You can keep your old number if you do a SIM swap which costs around R120). Still, they never told me I had to blacklist my old handset too! I only realised this later when my friend Dax told me that someone was using my old BB pin. I then called MTN in a panic to block the actual phone itself, but have no idea as to why they didn’t offer this to me or advise me to do it in the first place… Sigh…

Oh! And FYI, blacklisting only works in SA. The moment your stolen phone crosses the border, it can be used again. Annoying…

Also, as I hadn’t heard of BlackBerry Protect until today, the creeps who have my phone are now browsing through my piccies and e-mails as I type… (For those of you who don’t know, BlackBerry Protect is an app that allows you to back up all your info, remotely wipe your handset clean and locate it via GPS).

I’ve just downloaded it now so as to protect my new BlackBerry and have beefed up security even further by adding a password. You can do this too by going into the Options folder on your desktop and selecting Security Options. You’ll then be able to set a password on your handset.

So ja… I hope this helps a few of you out and that you can learn by my doffness. Also, appologies in advance should my sex tape hit the net…

Love, love


P.S. MTN at the V&A told me it would take only two hours before my new SIM card would be active, but the truth is that it can take up to TWENTY FOUR hours. Wish they’d told me that as I had to miss out on a weekend away with friends due to not being able to drive long distance without a cell.

Sadness c'est moi...

Yip, this was an all round stellar weekend…

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4 thoughts on “Cell phone dramz

  1. Its been 2 weeks without my BB… I’m having major withdrawal symptoms.
    Sorry to hear your was lost/stolen!

    What was your phone bill like? Did the thief call Lagos for 4hrs?

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