Bloggers’ bash at The Grand Daddy hotel

Last night I popped into the Cape Town blogger’s ‘Tweet Up’ held at The Grand Daddy hotel in Long Street.

The place was jam packed, but the the first person I ran into happened to be Mark, an old mate from my Jupiter Drawing Room days. He used to be an account exec on the Woolies team, but has since run off to cooking school so as to pursue his dream of becoming a pastry chef. (Nobody was surprised… Dude used to make having a birthday at the agency, like, The Best Thing Ever by going out of his way to make you a cake…) Still, Mark wasn’t the only bake nut on the scene… darling Kath, she of KathCake, was also in the house. 

'Cakemates' Mark and Kath (Both of them know the recipe for red velvet cupcakes by heart...)

Kath was mentalistic kind enough to offer to bake cupcakes for the crowd and had spent all of the night before whipping up a good 80 vanilla cupcakes with Amarula-infused icing. Check it out this pic I nicked off her mate Bobbylicious’ blog as it was better than the one I snapped:

See the cute little flags? Ag soet man...

Later, more Jupitarians rocked up, namely Clouds ‘The Whip’ Drummond, (my ex traffic manger/slave driver) and art director Jacki Little. Both chicas also happen to be avid bloggers, writing And Lollipops and The Girl with the Blue Eyes respectively.

Le bietse; Jax, Moi and Clouds

Now if there’s only one thing you need to know about Clouds, its this… girl could be suffering from the plague and a broken rib, yet she’ll still be dripping in bling and rocking six inch stillettos… that’s just how she rolls… Thus, it was only natural that I expected she’d attend a do like this in a pair of ridiculously awesome statement-making shoes – something like diamond-encrusted sling backs with wings a la peacock feathers… so when I spotted her rather demure-looking black pumps, the first thing I said was ‘Ag nee biets, I expected more from you…’ 

And then she lifted her sole…

Louboutin baby, oh yeah...

Once we settled into a corner of the room, we got busy with Patron shooters…

Evil ole' diehard Jax... girl had the beginning of a migraine, but didn't hesitate to down her Patron with a muscle relaxant chaser. Chick likes to live on the edge...

At some point Relax with Dax popped up too, but the details of his arrival are fuzzy.

Dude had me eating out the palm of his hand...
I do, however, remember that he wasn’t impressed with my totally uncouth ‘Brownie Migration Programme’ which involved stealing transporting half the brownies that were sitting on the bar to my handbag via my bra. Still, you couldn’t really blame me ‘cos they were from Daniela’s and evvveryone knows ‘Decadent Dani’ makes, like, The Best Brownie’s in Cape Town…
I know... I know... it looks like my left boob is hanging on the ground, but I can assure you its at least six pakkies of nummy, homebaked deliciousness...

Despite experiencing the hangover from hell for the better part of today, this was a fun, worthwhile night out… and waking up to find a brownie under my pillow (and next to loo… as well as on the floor of the lounge…) sweetened things up even further.

This morning's handbag o' shame...
Thank you fellow blogger buddies, this was a goodie. 😉 
Moi, Janine AKA Being Brazen (who helped organise the bash) and Jasna Zellerhof of Fashion Jazz.
Bloody WordPress won’t let me put put links in my piccie captions, so, to visit Being Brazen click here. Want to take a peek at Fashion Jazz? Click here.
Love, love
P.S. Just have to post this one last piccie ‘cos it’s absolutely adorable.

Clouds and Mark have been besties for yonks. So cute.
Much like the brownies, this is too sweet not to share…
X x x

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6 thoughts on “Bloggers’ bash at The Grand Daddy hotel

  1. FIRSTLY you have Louboutins! Just having a minor fit of jealously here… and secondly! so cute! I feature in your blog… such an honour! Thank you… and the darling Robynne from helped me with the baking (she brought tequila as well…hmm!)

    Still love the bag you were wearing that night too. Beaut!

    xox Kathcake

  2. Ha ha, wish those were my Louboutin’s – they belong to my mate Clouds. Was lovely to run into you and will be holding thumbs for you re the cupcake comp. Mwah, x x x

  3. haha. I agree @Mark… Can’t wait for the next one! It better hurry up! I wasn’t very social at this one. There are so many other bloggers I want to meet. x

    1. Don’t be dof, you look fab. But if you realllly hate it, send me another nice one of you and Jas and I’ll post that up instead. I too know the pain of a crappy blogshot… 😉 X x x

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