KP strikes a pose

My darling Karis Piss and our friend Joe watched the movie Sucker Punch the otherday. Joe, who’s a keen photographer, liked the flick so much that it inspired a litte kick ass-style shoot. Naturally, KP was the the model.

Check it out:

What you lookin’ at, biets?
So proud of my gun-toting abs-alicious bestie… She’s the BEST motivation to ensure I stay in the ‘below 50-zone’ in winter… 
Slet, are those my fishnets you’re wearing? I can’t find mine anywhere…
See how professional/scary she looks with a gun? Our hot stuntman friend Paul showed her how to hold it properly.

Nice one KP, you look absolutely stunsville. Now please don’t forget to bring your big, scary blade-thing to Bitchy Bingo at Beefcakes tomorrow so as to ensure I order the ‘Slimmer Sue’ as opposed to those evil-looking ‘Macho Nachos’… and I’m sure we can whip it out later so as to get out of paying the bill… 

Love you biets,


X x x


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