Missing my Karis Piss…

As you know, my beautiful Karis Piss is off on a solo tour of Italy. Girl’s been gone for over three weeks now and I miss her madly. Still, I’m really enjoying reading her bloggetjie. Had absolutely no idea she could write and thought she was only ever good for holding back my hair when I throw up in clubs… or telling me the kiloujoule content of every carb I pick up before ripping it from my hands… So ja, reading her shizz’s been a lot of fun.

Today’s post was all about Pompei, a city I’d love to visit if I got the chance. Always found ancient civilization-y stuff a la Atlantis etc to be super interesting. If you do too, or just want to get a load of delish Italian treats like this rad looking pasta…

Star-shaped ravioli with prawns and orange and lemon sauce. Niiice...

go take a look at her blog.

Miss you bitch face!

Love you lots,


X x x

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