My Clifton Shores (split second) cameo

Remember that awesome Peroni yacht party that Karisa and I went to the other day? (To fill you in, the cast of soon to be launched CT-set reality show, Clifton Shores, were also there too… KP and I merrily filled in as bikini-clad extras…)

Anyhoo, I Β see they’ve now slapped a (super long) promo for the show up on Youtube.

K and I had no clue as to whether we’d feature or end up on the cutting room floor, but it seems as though they did use our ‘livin’ it up with Peroni’ scene after all… If you stop at the 1.29 second mark, you’ll spot us, along with our mates Jon Jon and Benny. We’re all dancing like total knob ends to ‘music’ that none of us could hear…

Suck it in, bitch!

So ja… will be sure to keep an eye out for that episode and hope to God I don’t look like too much of a drunken, devoid-of-rhythm trolletjie. K will be thrilled, however. Her stomach flu served her well ‘cos her abs look as flat as a board.

Have a rad weekend!

X x

P.S.Β Tomorrow night, myself, Nickle Pickle, Omesh and Jeff are going to the Believe Belvedere vodka party at The Reserve and have been told to expect a seriyas party with ‘killer canapes’. Excited…

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