Fairlady Winter Fashion & Beauty preview 2011

OMG, how hideous was last night’s weather? Have to admit, a part of me really didn’t want to venture out to attend Fairlady’s Winter Fashion and Beauty preview, especially since I’m now down and out with flu, but I was told it’s always good fun. Thus, I dragged my snotty li’l self off into the rain and pulled into Stuttafords, Canal Walk.

Once there, however, I was v. v. glad to have pitched ‘cos it had raked in a great crowd that was treated to a nice, fat table o’ vitamin C(hampers).

DeGrendel... one of my faves...

Jeannie D greeted the throng and introduced everyone to the Fairlady glam gurus; beauty ed Candice-Lee and fashion ed Chu who took the stage to give everyone the low down on what’s hot and happening this winter.

Jeannie and Chu. Love Chu's glasses? They're Prada, darling...
Candice's scarf is from Country Road's men's department - she nicked it from her hubby!

According to Candice, liner or shadow that’s been applied to create a sexy cat-like slant and bold red lippie are of winter’s biggest make-up trends. Her favourite ‘rooi’ at the mo is Clarins’ new Rouge Prodige in Red Prodige, R210.

Clarins Rouge Prodige lippie, R210

‘I love that it stays put and doesn’t feather’, she says. (FYI, did you know that girl’s leaning towards 40 and hasn’t had a drop of Botox? I couldn’t believe it, she’s got skin like a twelve year old… )

As for Chu, he reckons that if you ony buy one thing this season, you’ve got to make it a tan leather waist belt – and you don’t have to match it to your shoes. (Hipster belts are kinda dunzo… but don’t toss them, as with everything ‘fashion’, they’ll eventually have their moment in the sun once again…) Gotta say, this was the first time I’ve met him and I fell in love with him on sight. Dude’s funny and warm and sweet and reminds me of all the genuinely lovely folk I met on my trip to Thai Thai last week.

Anyway, speaking of waist belts… I gotta show you this stunner that I spotted on the lovely Roxanne who works for Fairlady as their Marketing Project manager.

Flu-ey me and Rox. (For once I can blame my washed out glaze on something other than booze).

She says she got it at Woollies for less than a hundred buckaroos and, as it was the last one left, she had to literally rip it from the dress dummy. The staff even tried to stop her, but nothing was going to get between girl and her new must-have fashion accessory.

Chu would be proud...

I also wanna show you this gorgeous leather Witchery satchel. Hotness, right? Apparently satchels are still big news for this winter…

I was shown the price and remember it being around R1 400. Steep, but it is real leather and you can hand it over to your kiddles one day.

And how much do you LOVE Jeannie’s zexy velvet blue pants?


She says she thinks she got them at Marion and Lindie but isn’t too sure. She’s had them for yonks and ‘dragged them out of the back of her cupboard’.

Other peeps out and about included celeb jeweler Dagmar Jungbaur and Emma King of BriteSmile. (Thanks Emma, my teeth are still glowing and yes, I’m making a point of using my BriteSmile To Go whitening pens twice a day… )

Emma was rocking a v. mooi Kate Middleton-esque blow out. I can’t remember the name of the stylist who did it for her, alas, because at this stage the champers had started schmingling – blissfully - with my flu meds.

Once we’d all gotten our fill of fashion, beauty and these nummy berry meringue tart things…


… I said my goodbyes and headed off into the rain, but not before snapping up one of the fabulous Fairlady goodie bags.

Aside from a Fairlady magazine, this baby included an Estee Lauder eye shadow palette and mini Pleasure Bloom EDT and Molton Brown hand wash. Niiice...

Thank you Fairlady, I had lots of fun and am totally glad I came.

Loving it.

Love, love


x x x

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One thought on “Fairlady Winter Fashion & Beauty preview 2011

  1. Gorgeous Blog Leigh……..as usual……my Kate Middleton look……ha ha ha and ha again……clearly only worked on my hair……..and was big thanks to Marios…..from Marios Company for Hair……the best!Mwah!

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