Thai Thai rocks my world

I’m ba-aack!

Aside from a 6 hour stopover in KLIA (AKA as the most boring airport on earth) and a hideously long flight that saw my legs swell up like overstuffed boerie, I had a seriously rocking holiday. Thailand is the shizz and a place I want to migrate to every winter for the rest of my life.

If you’ve never been, let me tell you why you simply HAVE to add a cameo in Thai Thai to your bucket list…

For one, it’s crazy beautiful!

My snoek and I on Phi Phi island where they filmed that Leonardo DiCaprio flick, The Beach.
The view of the golf course from our room...
...and a random snap o' prettiness.

I also love that our Rand works overtime in Thailand. In fact, it’s 4,4 Rand to the Thai Baht! This means buying a Coke from the 7 Eleven costs a mere R2,50, if even.

My fave ice cream which I ate (several times) every day. Have no clue what it's called but it tastes like chewy coconut and condensed milk and costs less than R2!
Seaweed flavour Lays; not as pooh as you'd think. In fact, it tastes a lot like spring onion. Still, I preferred a rad Lay's flavour called SHOCK. It's seriously spicy and can't be eaten without an ice cold Coke.

Oooh! And you can’t throw a rock without hitting a massage parlour where you can get hour long foot rubs for R56! (Actually, you can get it for even less if you haggle with them, but in all honesty, I’d feel like a total douche paying any less to have somebody slave away at my feet…)

Other cool things? It’s hot, hot, hot both day and night so you LIVE in your bikini, hopping in and out of the sea or pool. (Their ocean’s so warm it’s like bathwater!) It’s so humid, in fact, that you don’t even bother to wear make-up during the day. (The mo I stepped out of my air conditioned room, my beloved Lancome Effacernes ‘waterproof’ concealer started running down my cheeks. Ag nee! This is part of the reason why you won’t see too many snaps of me in the first few days of my holiday; before getting a nice tan, I looked like a sweaty albino panda…)

I also love that the shopping is totally INSANE, particularly when it comes to electronics (the new iPad is R4000 instead of the R8K it is here), furniture and faux designer goods. When I’m not so moeg, I’ll post a piccie of my new faux Marc Jacobs and Jimmy Choo handsakke (each were less than R400!)

The food is another highlight… As we did a Club Med package holiday, we could indulge in as much buffet ‘n booze as we liked and stumble through our holiday in a permanent pina colada-induced haze. However, as the regte egte Thai food you find outside the resort is so cheap and delish, we ate out every second day.

This is me stuffed to the max after one of the best meals of my life; an authentic tom yum soup with both a red and green curry served with egg fried rice.
The old Mister Miyagi-esque owner dude that we ordered from could barely understand English, but when you tell him you want it 'hot, hot, hot' he does a Balky-style dance o' joy...

Including several litres of Chan beer, this meal set us back less than R65 each.

As for the Thai people, they’re all incredibly warm and friendly. Everyone goes the extra mile in Thailand (the land of smiles) and now, being back in SA, it feels like the deluge of crappy service is being shown up terribly.

Hanging with 'Beyonce', our lady-boy tour guide on a boat tour of the islands...
'Girl' likes to rock out to Tao Cruz and wears more lippie than I do...

Anyhoo, I’m back now and ready to wek, wek, wek… I’ve also got to get my ass into the gym… I think I downed, on average, about five pina coladas/kilojoule bombs a day and now can’t fit into my jeans! (Ate so much ‘bad’ food, my spasti colon-prone tum bloated up into a seriyas pot belly… so much so I felt self-conscious to booze it up in public in case peeps thought I was getting pissed while preggers…) In addition to this, I’ve also got a sweat-induced pimple the size of a wasabi-coated pea squatting on the left hand side of my face!

Quelle horreur!

Now that I can’t just cruise through life, ridin’ on my dashing good looks, I may have to actually develop a ‘nice personality’ and take a ‘genuine interest in people’… Bligh…

Still, it was totally worth it! Thailand rocks my world!

Love, love


P.S. It’s totally irrelevant and I’m sporting a bit o’ ‘fat face’, but I just have to post this airport piccie of M and I; he’s eyes look so beautiful and kind…

I love you cookie looks, even if you're now referring to yourself as the 'Whale Rider' until I lose my Thailand tum...

Later girls,

X x x

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One thought on “Thai Thai rocks my world

  1. Hey Leigh! Cool story and cool pics!!! Looks like as if you guys had a real joll!!!

    Will check the rest out with Mike next time!

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