Top travel beauty tips

Like I said, I’m now having to work hard at being a ‘nice girl’. Thus, one of the first acts of my shiney-new niceness is to share a few of my top travel beauty tips, clearly inspired by my recent trip to Thai Thai. Some I’ve learned the hard way, the other’s are the better one’s I’ve come across while researching the zillion, million ‘top travel beauty tips’ stories I’ve had to write for various mags over the years.

So… here we go:

First up, don’t weigh yourself down by packing big, heavy-ass jars. I popped into the V&A and cruised for sample sizes of day and night cream that I could take on the plane. (Their stupid all-liquids-must-be-teeny-tiny-and-stuck-in-a-baggie rule seriously messes with my night time beauty ritual…) Taking samples is a great way to try something new and I’ve now fallen in love with Clarins HydraQuench Cooling Cream-Gel.

This boy's the perfect night cream for hot summer nights and kept my face from drying out like a prune after take-off.

Want to wear perfume while you’re away? Again, don’t bother to haul your giant bottle along – opt for a handy li’l sample.

Don’t rely on using the crappy free shampoo and conditioner offered by hotels and resorts. In general, they’re never suited for dry or chemically treated hair types. Instead, decant your regular hair products into mini travel-size bottles. (I found great one’s at Clicks).

Feel like you can’t be without a hair dryer? Check on the hotel’s website to see if they offer them in the room. This way you don’t have to lug yours along.

To lighten up even more, don’t just toss your whole make-up bag into your suitcase. Open it up and go through it carefully, selecting the products you use every single day. I don’t know about you, but I only use about 30% of my make-up bags contents regularly.

Remember to make your products multi-task! For example, don’t take along a can of shaving cream when you can also use your conditioner.

When you pack, put EVERYTHING that is a liquid or can spill into a seperate plastic bag. You’d be surprised by how cabin pressure can cause even the most tightly sealed products to pop open and leak. According to Murphey’s law, it WILL be a stainalicious bronzing fluid and it WILL engulf your white Country Road sundress…

Being in a hot, humid climate and living in and out of the pool, I didn’t want to have to bother with mascara, so I got my lashes tinted beforehand at Sorbet in Gardens Centre and was very impressed. It only cost R65 and included a tres relaxing head massage!

If you’re going to get a pre-holiday mani or pedi, be sure to buy the colour you choose or take your own along to the salon. This way, when you chip the shizz out of your toes after a drunken night stroll/crawl on the beach, you’ll be able to touch them up the next morning.

My favourite summer holiday shade is Essie Exotic Liras. It looks good both day and night and adds a bright pop of colour to your photies.

If you’ve got any other awesome top travel beauty tips, be a doll and leave them in the comment’s section. I looove your comments!

Love, love,


P.S. These two tips aren’t beauty related, but have always come in handy for moi. Would be v. kak of me not to pass them on… If you’ve spent your holiday indulging in a wild shopping spree and are worried you might be overweight, place any item that you’d like to take back with you, but could forgo if you really, really had to in a seperate plastic bag in your suitcase. This way, if you’re asked to shed an extra kilo or two at the ‘port, you can simply hand over the bag as opposed to have to rummage through your case making desperate decisions while a string of passangers bitch and moan behind you.

Whether you’re going somewhere or not, this one’s a real goodie: empty all the cards out of your wallet and place them face down on the photocopier. Make a copy and then flip them over to copy the back of them. Now, you should have two pages that capture both your card’s number as well as the numbers you can call should you lose the card as they’re usually listed on the back of each one. Not ideal, really, ‘cos if you’ve lost the card, how are you going to be able to read that bloody number?

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