Nederburg Ingenuity evening

Hey girls

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this or not, but tomorrow sees me winging my way to one of my fave places in the world; sunny, beautiful Thailand! Dying to swim in a sea that feels like bath water and snap up faux designer handbags made by small, hardworking children… (Their tiny little hands make for fabulously delicate stitching… Nyhahaha…)

Yes, yes… I know… I’m a terrible person. I actually think God’s punishing me for it ‘cos, as it turns out, I’m flying out on the 19th and am going to miss the Nederburg Ingenuity evening, held on the same date.

Cheers, darlings!

What? You haven’t heard about it?! But darlings, it’s only, like, one of THE most anticipated events on the CT social calendar! Held at Stefan and Carla Antoni’s award-winning Fresnaye mansion, the evening’s an opportunity for Nederburg to show off their most innovative, creative blends, the Ingenuity collection.

Now get a load of the Sky Bar, the part of the house where the party’s due to go down.

Stunsville, right?
Stefan is an award-winning architect and his gorgeous socialista wife, Carla, owns the Carla Antoni Collection, a company specialising in beautifully crafted luxury gifts. Pretty things like this…

I like to buy these babies in bulk and keep them on hand to give to people as ‘thanks for having me for dinner’ gifts… (Okay, so that’s like a total lie… but one day I’m sooo gonna do that…)
Aside from all the glitz, glam and stopping wine, guests are set to be entertained by big deal DJ Rene Tanguy. Clearly, this one’s going to be a biggie.Marina Nestel, the PR Queen behind the bash, knows full well that I’m a social climbing slet and has been torturing me all week about what I’m going to be missing out on. Bietse have been blabbering on about the am-aazing goodie bags they’ve put together… apparently just some of the fabulosity includes Bright Smile tooth whitening, spa treatments and a Dune Kossatz bracelet. Oh and don’t forget about the free Toffifee, my favourite choccie ever! (And yes, I know full well I can afford to buy my own, but there’s just something about free Toffifee that’s, like, beyond awesome…)
Lipgloss girl's ultimate weakness...

So, while Marina and co are hob knobbing it up in style, I’ll be passed out on a bench in the middle of KLIA, possibly the most boring airport on Earth. (Well at night time anyway… all the shops close early save for classy jols like Burger King… )


Anyway, like I said, I was tres tres bleak about this, but told myself I’d get over it. But then evil Marina had to go and stick the final nail in my ‘I-can’t-believe-I’m-missing-this’ coffin by sending me the menu…

Aside from an oyster station, there’s going to be an abundance of yumminess like slow roasted Greek lamb on creamy parmesan mash; Asian baked salmon with red Thai coconut sauce and a zillion canapés that include lemon and chilli marinated pears wrapped in black forest ham with brie and wild rocket.

Good God.

By the time I scrolled down to read ‘mini cinnamon doughnuts drizzled with chilli chocolate’, a little part of me just up and died. I ended up sending Marina a snippy, self-pitying little mail informing her that if she didn’t hear back from me, it would be because I was off to hurl myself from the smoker’s balcony in my office.

‘Ha! Ha! I’m crying with laughter’, she said.

But I was just crying full stop.

Nice one Marina. I’ll remember this, girlfriend. I know you think it’s all just a big co inky dink that your schedule didn’t revolve around my world (hee hee), but I dunno so much… perhaps it’ll also be ‘a weird twist of fate’ when I ‘accidently’ pour my crappy, non-Nederburg wine down the back of your rokkie at the next shindig… That’ll learn ya… ;-P

Right, I’m now off to do last minute packing and examine my new spray tan.

See you all next month!

Love, love


X x x

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