Taking a wee break

Get a load of this poor li’l doggy… Can you see the stress in his crazed-out li’l oogies?

Help. Me.

Well, that’s how I look right now. Just like him. Except I’m wearing pink lip gloss…

Right now, I’m v. busy setting up that exciting new beauty website I told you about, www.beautysouthafrica.com (As I type, I’m busy packing for our Jozi road show… with my foot…) So ja, I’ll be up in the Gau-of-teng for this week and don’t know how much time I have to blog. But don’t worry, when I’m back – on Friday – posting will be back to normal. Promise.

Had a divine Bastien Gonzales pedicure the other day that I’m dying to tell you about… 

Big hug,


x x x

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